BluEnt’s musings: Why should employees use custom apps?

BluEnt explores why businesses are encouraging their employees to use custom applications to do business.

New York, USA – August 25, 2017: As more and more businesses realize that off-the-shelf software are not enough for meeting their organizational needs, they are turning towards custom application development. They are equipping their employees with custom applications that help them communicate better and increase productivity.

BluEnt tries to explore what are tailor-made apps doing that readymade software cannot; based on the survey done by Apperian. Out of the total number of respondents, 91% said that their company provided them with enterprise custom applications including mobile apps. 39% of these companies are also extending this to their hourly employees. 30% businesses provide contractual employees with mobile apps and another 28% offer them to their business partners.

The use of Custom App inside corporate organizations is on the rise
As opposed to 31% respondents last year, 47% employees in 2016 were happy with using custom apps built for their organizations.

Companies have better visibility with Custom software development
55% respondents said that their company is able to gain visibility into the apps which are used and 54% answered that they were aware of the platforms the apps were built on. This included Android and iOS.

Heightened Benefits by using custom mobile applications for business
In a broad context, 30% companies saw improved business processes, 23% saw greater productivity and 20% businesses had a competitive advantage by using custom mobile apps. 14% companies also saw increased employee satisfaction after using custom applications.

Custom Application Development have positive effects on Business Returns
50% respondents said that custom field service applications such as maintenance and support bring positive ROI results. Another 56% cited custom productivity applications such as notes impact ROI in a positive manner.

Why companies are shifting towards Custom applications?
Custom applications come with features, services and security which cater to specific business requirements. In case of off-the-shelf software, businesses are forced to comply with vendor and software terms & conditions. This ends up in software running businesses as opposed to businesses running software.

Custom applications, meanwhile, focus on specific business grievances. They are secure, robust and comply with existing business hardware specifications. Employee training is better facilitated through tailor-made apps.

Moreover, custom apps for small businesses are blessing in disguise. They save you from the annual horror that are license renewals, technical support and infrastructural support. Custom software is for your business and of your business. Custom software is maintained as long as their businesses want them to be; unlike proprietary software which is at the mercy of their developers. You can scale custom apps as your business grows.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of custom applications is the ability to integrate features at your will. Most proprietary software have add-ons, integrations and plug-ins which are not altogether useful for every business, but they do pay for them. With tailor-made apps, you can integrate your choice of features, social media handles and relevant content which will be useful to bring audience to your business and position your business as a brand.

When working to develop custom apps, it is better to work with technology partners like BluEnt. You get experienced teams to work on designing custom business apps, you get enhanced support and you get an app specific to your business and to your clients. You can know more about the custom application development services that we provide by dropping us a call or mail anytime.

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