The Batman Begins

The Batman Begins

Online Contests and Campaign Management for The Batman Begins

Client Profile

HBO is a 24-hour English language movie channel in Asia with its HQ in Singapore. HBO brings the best of Hollywood by premiering top blockbuster movies on television, first in Asia, through 15+ studios and independent movie companies, including Paramount, NBC Universal and Warner Bros. HBO is the number one Movie channel in most countries around the globe and is synonymous to a sit home movie watching experience.


Business Requirements

HBO Asia was looking to conduct a contest to announce the premier of Batman on their channel. The contest required participants to fill forms and participate in a Batman based quiz on the exclusive Contest webpage on HBO’s website to win goodie bags from the movie channel. The promotion for the contest went live on the television and demanded intense digital marketing too.

HBO wanted to go grand with the premier of Batman and started with demanding for a special web page for its promotion. They needed an agency that would design and monitor their Batman Contest webpage along with the content as well as take the responsibility of promoting it on the internet and selecting the final winners.   


Project Challenges

  • BluEnt was given this responsibility at a short notice. The webpage was to be created right away and had to go live immediately.
  • Once the webpage went live and the traffic began, hosting the server was a challenge with 10,000 registrations a day.
  • Every registration had to be profiled internally according to age and region. With such popularity, this was a cumbersome task, indeed.
  • The Batman webpage with its heavy traffic also saw a heavy bounce rate which BluEnt had to resolve and turn those bounce rates into actual registrations.


 Thge BluEnt Approach

“They told me there was nothing out there, nothing to fear.” When Bruce Wayne says it, we believe it. BluEnt’s experienced team always finds an exclusive approach towards all its challenges, overcoming them with success. We put together a team consisting of a Project Head, Content Writer, HTML Programmer and an ASP Developer to provide HBO with more than what they had asked for.

  • BluEnt’s HTML expert provided with HTML prototyping services for the special Batman contest page.
  • The designer created a look for the page that compliments the theme and the spirit of the contest. HBO appreciated the look and carried it forward in their Television promotions as well.
  • BluEnt’s Content Writer jazzed up the page with sharp content and created a smart quiz for all the fans to enjoy and participate in.
  • BluEnt further promoted the page and the content profusely on the Internet and took over HBO’s digital marketing for the project inviting several thousands more to the contest.
  • It was on BluEnt to pick winners for the contest as well. The developers used a specially designed algorithm to pick winners from the database for the contest.
  • After the winners were picked, BluEnt offered the responsibility to deliver the goody bags to these winners on HBO’s behalf.
  • BluEnt kept its client in the loop constantly by submitting detailed directory reports.


Technologies Used

  • MS ASP
  • MS SQL
  • HTML
  • Adobe Suite


Results. Achieved.

HBO’s expectation from the contest was 10% of what BluEnt delivered. They were enrapt with our efforts and solutions. The bounce rates were taken care of by responsible server management and traffic was increased by extensive digital marketing. HBO was impressed with BluEnt’s instant delivery of the design concept and content on the short notice given. The further dedication of the team made the contest a grand success with ten thousand registrations on the webpage per day and a 20% increase in the expected viewership of the premier. The response was exhilarating and the post contest responsibility of gifts distribution was well organized. BluEnt left no room for complaint either from the clients or the participants. Both were happy with their BluEnt experience.



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