Brain Science International (BSI)

Brain Science International (BSI)

About Brain Science International (BSI)

Brain Science International (BSI) is a world leader in EEG, QEEG and functional QEEG (fQEEG) analysis (brain mapping). They provide in-depth analysis and understanding of data based on modern reference norms.

They are the only organization in Northern California that has access to the same international standardized database of normal neuropsychological test batteries used by many pharmaceutical companies for drug development and clinical trials.

Brain Science International
Project Requirements

BSI approached BluEnt with a challenging assignment.

They wanted a multilingual website with the following features:

  • A creative logo

  • Shopping cart to sell courses and equipment

  • Custom Admin Panel for content management and maintaining a log of courses

  • Easy check out process

  • A registration/login authentication system for each individual user

  • Multilingual website

  • Easy Payment Gateway Integration along with the shipping method

  • Hosting support and server configuration management

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The BluEnt Approach

BluEnt had several rounds of meetings to understand the client’s requirements.

The Project Manager involved Technical Support Teams in the meetings to overcome business challenges in terms of technical issues.

  • We designed several templates and revised them till the client was satisfied.

  • Our Creative Head designed 5 options for the logo. 

  • We developed an excellent banner for the website’s homepage.

  • The website developed was user-friendly and easy to navigate

  • We developed a robust but user-friendly Content Management System using Joomla
  • We integrated an event calendar managed by administrative panel.

  • We provided an efficient Payment Gateway Integration to make the website process faster.

  • The website was designed with an effective search method and to show the user management and report management from the backend.

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  • PHP

  • MySql

  • Linux

  • Apache

Maximum Value. Achieved.

BluEnt believes in exceptional, timely services for all our clients. We leave no stone unturned for them.

The client was happy with the website. They appreciated BluEnt and expressed wanting to to work with us in the future.

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