25 Jul 2018

Things That Grab Attention of Website Visitors on Your Website

Grabbing someone's attention for a longer while becomes challenging for humans.

What is attention span?

It is the time spent by a person or any other species on a specific detail without getting abstracted.

A study shows that a goldfish has a better concentration power than humans. Can you believe it? An average attention period for a goldfish is 9 seconds whereas we usually lose attention after 6-8 seconds.

This means that you should present a 'perfect website' formula for fulfilling the subjective requirements of website visitors within 6-8 seconds and convert them into sales. A single visitor can decide whether to stay or close your website tab based on the fulfillment of their respective focus which could be a website design, content structure & quality, product line, coherence or may be a mere purpose of your website. You need to understand your target audience and grab their attention.

How does human's mind work? Why don't we give equal attention to everything?

The answer is ascending reticular activating system (ARAS) of the brain which plays an important role in keeping the consciousness in people.

ARAS filters out information in the human brain based on the personal interest in the topic. If the system thinks that the information is adequate as per the needs, it engages the focus on the subject. Whereas, on the other hand, it would ignore the unwanted information.

Besides the filtering effect, the reticular activating system also influences the following attributes:

  • Subconscious alerts for hunger, nature calls etc.

  • Decisions. We plan to buy a blue Ferrari and suddenly that's all you notice around you.

  • Emotions. We pay attention to things which imbibe emotions in us.

  • Huge contrast.

  • New experiences.

You must be wondering where this blog is heading with the scientific explanation, but you got to understand the root cause of the problem before addressing the best solution. We are dealing here with the short attention span of the website visitors and how to achieve the perfect website.

Your website should be designed to affect your visitors within 6-8 seconds of their browsing pages. One rule is to address the prime queries of the website visitors within the short span. Your website fabrication approach should revolve around the following:

  • What is your website about? Some small indications in the design, brand logo and a motto quote on the landing page should be clear to convey the area of work clearly to the visitors.

  • Within the first few seconds, you should capture the website visitor's interest. Your site should immediately tell about its purpose and agenda in a simple yet attractive way.

  • A perfect website has a clear path for converting the user into the sales lead. An easy to perceive a call to action guides the website visitors to take a final action such as buy a product, fill a contact form, sending queries etc.

  • Take honest opinion from your friends, peers or seek for the professional help to create a perfect website. (Call to action)

We have listed down some of the salient points to help you develop an audience-oriented website.

Some tips to attract visitors to your website:

Newness is interesting.

Humans are attracted towards originality and novelty. Newness refers to something which has never seen or experienced before. It automatically captures the attention of our brain and urge us to dig deeper. This formula works perfectly with the website designing as well. You need to present organically original ideas every now and then to make your visitors spend more time at your website.

For example, the picture below is of a beautiful horse. You might look at this picture for few seconds and then move on.

Newness interesting

However, the picture below would induce the curiosity of knowing the story behind the picture. And, why not? You don't get to see a horse in boots that often.

Now you don't need to use ideas as bizarre as this (or you might) in your website, but you got to come up with the novel concepts to hold your website's visitors.

Content heavy pages

Most websites have important lengthy content information which is important to convey your views to the consumer. But the challenge is to create the reader's attention span at the website content.

Once the user lands on the website's content-heavy page which is written in the conventional fonts uniformly throughout the page, it becomes quite monotonous for the user after a couple of lines (quality of the content matters too) and they lose interest.

How can you improve this? By adding some colors, images and text structure in a coherent manner which would make your website appearance and soul perfect.

Content heavy pages


People pay attention to the things which are explained in contrasts. It is a strong instigator for influencing the human brain's ability to take frequent decisions. You can use this formula in almost all kind of products or services by demonstrating its advantages in a before and after contrast.

Fitness industry always uses this years-old strategy and it works every single time.

Contrast Source

The fitness industry is just one of the examples. You can showcase data research, product benefit's comparison, service growth and so on.


Touch people's emotions and you have their attention. This is one of the most common trick which would never go out of the game. Emotions aren't just limited to love and compassion, in fact, it involves happiness, shock, a bit scandalous angle, passion, patriotism, sad and much more.


The above image has touched some emotions in our mind for sure. So, the formula is to present the visual emotions with the effective copy and you have got the website visitor's attention.

Add examples

We understand the concept better if explained with an example. You must have noticed people illustrating their ideas with the support of a situation, charts, statistics and so on. This makes it so much better for people to acknowledge the subject with the elaborating examples. When we are presented with the new ideas or concepts, our brain jumps towards making conclusions about it after the presentation. If the concept is demonstrated through the images and experiences, people absorb it better and make favorable decisions. Who knew that examples are so important, right?

Did you read the whole blog in one go? How many times you were distracted? BluEnt hopes that we got successful in putting across our point and got your maximum attention. We have added some gimmicks to increase the attention span of the website visitors. BluEnt helps clients to achieve their perfect websites, web applications and mobile application with the team of developers and project managers. If you want to explore more ideas suiting your business website development, reach out to us now.

Maximum Value. Achieved.



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