27 Sep 2016

5 ways to prevent your clients from deleting your app

Did you know that the average app loses 77 percent of its users within three days of installing?

Which increases to 90 percent within one month and continues to stretch on to 95 percent within 3 months. Leaving behind just 5 percent of users.  Scary, right?

The perfect world comprises of unlimited storage space. Storage, quickly becoming a crucial factor calling shots for a consumer to buy a smartphone. However, storage can come with a steeper price. Think of iphones.

Your app standing out amongst data captured by snapchat dog filter photos in the gallery, is challenging. So it is imperative for your company to make an app that secures a spot in the world of limited storage.

These 5 ways can prevent your clients from joining the 95% deletion club:

  • USER INTERFACE: Visual Empowerment. Clean and smooth functionality. Intuitiveness. These are the crux of creating a beautiful and functional app. Let's take a look at these three elements in detail:

  • Visual Empowerment AKA Design: Aesthetical value has slowly but flamboyantly become the core of products, services and app. The way you look becomes the way people feel about you. Overloading your clients with graphics is not advisable. Your app is successful when your clients are able to visually remember the aesthetic value of it.

  • Clean and Smooth Functionality AKA Navigation: Navigation is the second step to be able to curate a killer app for your company. You want your application to guide your clients to the content and products that would interest them without making them feel like they are being overloaded. Remember, the lesser the elements, the fresher your app appears to be. Any elements that might not be adding on to the use or functionality to your app—Omit.

  • Intuitiveness: Don't overlook this one. Connecting the dots between what your clients do outside of your app and what they do inside is what intuitiveness means. Your app should provide your clients the "feeling understood" vibe when they use your app, which in turn builds their trust on your app.

  • APP BUGS? THEY BITE: With technology moving at a speedy pace, nobody has the time to engage with bugs in your app. An app that crashes every time one opens it or it takes so long to operate that their hair starts turning grey; 80% chances are; your app is going to trash. According to this study, technical issues are the number one reason as to why people delete apps. At BluEnt it's our promise to not let you become a part of that statistic.

  • PUSH NOTIFICATIONS CAN PUSH BUTTONS: There is a fine line between providing information and being annoying. Too many push notifications disconnects people with an app. App developers should be informant of what value push notifications provide to your customers. You do not want your client's phone's to keep blowing up when they're in a meeting, or anywhere where the phone should not buzz. (like on a date, yikes!) Don't give your clients reasons to google "how to manage push notifications on your phone." Once they are on that stage, getting deleted is just a step away. Be on the safer side of the equation, be information centric/transparent with us.

  • SECURITY AND PRIVACY: Hackers and scammers will make their way on any platform digital. Internet access comes with a price—one's security and privacy. When it comes to mobile apps, it is safe to presume that your customers have been bitten before. The growing amount of crime makes people cautious about the apps they install. Improving these aspects constantly, facilitate your clients to trust you:



The chart above gives a clear understanding of the difference between Security and Privacy. Here is how to prevent grave errors in these particular fields:


  • MALWARE: The best way to go about it is to address the negative comments in the reviews and provide clients with support.

  • ADS: Irrelevant adds need to go. They slow down your app, makes it look sketchy and overcrowded, disengaging clients. Streamline your app.

  • FRAUD: The worst out of the lot. Fraud will permanently give you a bad reputation whilst taking away potential clients. Building a secure system for purchases is a must.

  • UPDATES: Regular updates elevate user experience. It keeps clients excited and gives them something new to look forward to.


  • SIGN-UPS: While sign ups can help you keep your clients in check, your clients cringe. Either avoid them all together and if not—keep them short and sweet. Respect your client's time.

  • TMI and PERMISSIONS: Asking for TMI without valid reasoning is a sure-shot way to land a spot in the trashcan. Same goes with permissions. Let your client use your app and get to know it before bombarding them with questions and asking for permissions.

  • POSTING ON SMC's: Strict NO-NO. No client wants to show their social media channels what apps they are into. (Think Tinder) It's a breach of privacy. Posting on their behalf without permission is like drowning in a quicksand, consciously.

  • RATINGS: Don't ask clients to rate the within 5 minutes of them using your app. Ratings are important, yes, but constantly asking for them will provide your clients enough reason to delete your app.

  • USER FRIENDLINESS: An easy to maneuver app gets a thumbs up from everybody. Remember, not all your clients are tech-savvy and might not know what icon does what. Provide them with text, or a user manual for first timers. Don't complicate things for the sake of design. Remember, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." -Leonardo Da Vinci.

Taken these five measures, chances are, the storage full message will never make them think of needing to delete you.

Creating and maintaining an app is not a DIY project.

Come Create, Design and Simplify with BluEnt.

Maximum Value, Achieved.



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