27 Dec 2022

Using Angular to Develop Mobile Apps Can Be a Game Changer for Your Business

This blog has been updated on - December 27, 2023

Is your business struggling with sales, leads, or viewership? Enter the Angular mobile app. This kind of high-performing mobile app is what can make your company stand out from the rest.

Angular, a component of JavaScript, is a widely used tool for angular mobile app development. The developer community enthusiastically endorsed it once Google released it in the year 2009.

There are many different technologies available in the market today. Nevertheless, Angular is one of the best ones that can be used for app development.

Let's go over the core advantages and disadvantages of Angular mobile in comparison to other frameworks.

What is Angular Mobile Development?

Google's main intention was to create dynamic web application interfaces. Keeping this in mind it developed the Angular framework.

  • This open-source framework has released several versions since 2009, the first one being AngularJS. Undoubtedly, AngularJS was a precursor to the current version, but the specific technologies are very dissimilar.

  • Angular 12 is the most recent version, which was introduced in May 2021.

  • The purpose of Angular JS is to make the time-consuming, laborious, and repetitive work of developing code simpler. Once you learn how to utilize the application, this Angular mobile framework can make development simpler and quicker, which frees up more time in your calendar for new possibilities, acquiring more clients, and generating revenue.

  • Using an Angular mobile development addresses problems that arise when developing applications. This is done by utilizing dependency injection, end-to-end tools, and declarative templates.

    A study states that Angular is one of the most widely utilized technologies in 2018.

    Let's examine this framework more closely and learn about its advantages and disadvantages to understand how and why the Angular android app and Angular iOS app are preferred by developers.

Why It's Ideal For Your Business?

Applications today require traits such as automation, performance, flexibility and scalability. You can find all these characteristics in Angular. This is precisely the reason why it is favored by C-suite executives and businesses to propel their business growth. Since its inception in 2009, Angular has progressed greatly. Utilizing the framework for the angular mobile app has several advantages.

Powered by Google

  • The fact that Google created and maintains Angular is one of its finest features. The community has a strong sense of trust in it since it is supported by a reliable firm.

  • The app developers have faith in angular mobile development knowing that it will be supported by Google. The problems that crop up will be fixed with the assistance given by the community.

Two-way data binding

Two-way data binding is one of the Angular framework's key benefits. The important thing to note in the two-way data binding syntax is that data can move both ways defined as the source and the controller.

Any modifications made to the data in the structure are simultaneously mirrored in the view and vice-versa. To give you an example, the moment a visitor uses the mobile Angular UI, the model or structure is spontaneously updated.

Supports localization

The practice of making an app "internationalized" ensures that it is created and ready for usage in locales with various linguistic options.

  • Your angular mobile app is known to be localized when it has been made to present a certain set of languages for a given location.

  • Most issues relating to various languages, depending on the location, dates, numbers, hours, and other issues, can be handled with ease by angular mobile.

Component-based Architecture

Component-based architecture simply implies that each element of the app's user interface and supporting functionality make up a distinct component.

  • It enables the team to change the autonomous portions of the application's system. This can be done without worrying that the updates would negatively impact other elements. Components can also be reused.

  • An app developer can create a component once and utilize it in a variety of other aspects that are comparable throughout the angular mobile app. This kind of structure enhances the readability of the code. It makes it much simpler for novice developers to comprehend.

High Performance

Hierarchical dependency injection

Classes no longer rely on themselves. Instead, through dependency injection, they obtain information from external sources. This feature dissociates elements from the dependencies.

Differential loading

The creation of different bundles for different browsers reduces the bundle size and loading time. This improves the performance drastically in an angular mobile app.

Angular Universal

Universal services make it possible to display apps on a server. Google's facilities in this regard for pre-rendering or re-rendering the app are remarkable.

Ivy renderer

The default AOT (ahead-of-time) compiler for Ivy facilitates quicker app compilation. It aids in performance optimization for complex Angular Android and iOS applications.

Reusability of code

  • One of the main benefits of using Angular is the facility to reuse code. You can partition the UI components of your project into many distinct pieces using the Angular mobile framework.

  • Additionally, each UI element is autonomous and encased with its respective functionality.

  • As a result, the code segments used to generate the elements can be reused when there is a need to grow the app or develop a fresh one with comparable features.

TypeScript, Cross-platform, and Productivity

  • TypeScript, used for Angular mobile development, offers better tools, clearer code, and more scalability.

  • You can provide app-like experiences by utilizing the features of contemporary web platforms and building progressive web apps. It offers zero-step installation, offline functionality, and superior performance. The app developers can also utilize techniques from NativeScript, Cordova, or Ionic to create an Angular native app.

  • Angular is productive. It offers all the resources required to support applications and component parts.

  • Using only one command, the convenient CLI that comes with Angular can create applications and components that are ready for production.

Angular to Mobile App: Disadvantages

Here are a few drawbacks of working with an angular mobile app.

Learning curve

In its fundamental forms, the Angular mobile framework is simple to understand. The learning curve becomes high as you get closer to the advanced phases.

Several of Angular's distinctive features are rather complicated, app developers, especially beginners, can find it challenging to deal with DI, factories, and values.


  • When creating an application, debugging is essential. The scopes are simple to use, but they can be challenging.

  • When developers don't know which scope is utilized or what value it has in the program, they can become perplexed at times.

Migration from AngularJS mobile app development

  • Angular and AngularJS differ greatly hence it leaves migration as the one and only possibility. An AngularJS-based solution can't be modified to use When creating an application, debugging is essential. The scopes are simple to use, but they can be challenging.

  • When developers don't know which scope is utilized or what value it has in the program, they can become perplexed at times.


  • Angular for mobile app development gives comprehensive suggestions for upgradation and provides a wide variety of migrating solutions.

  • The migration in an angular mobile app isn't tedious however it requires money and ample effort.

SEO compatibility and too many versions

Angular has evolved through time. AngularJS was first released as a JavaScript framework, and there have been several versions since. This can result in confusion, making the development process a bit uncomfortable and tedious.

If SEO is your main goal, using an alternative platform is advised since this one does not adhere to the best standards. The developers avoid using Angular frameworks for projects that depend heavily on SEO since it has poor compatibility.

Popularity is slipping

Fresher technologies like ReactJS and VueJS have emerged causing the Angular mobile framework's attractiveness to decline.

There was a time when the biggest argument among app developers was whether to use React or Angular frameworks. Lately, we have observed an increased interest in a newer tool known as VueJS or Vue.js.


Angular for mobile app development has advantages and disadvantages like every programming software. Understanding the drawbacks vs. advantages of utilizing this tool for specific project types is crucial.

Every organization and its requirements are unique. You can look at hiring an app development company to construct a mobile app. They can help you weigh the pros and cons.

If you want to create a reliable and dynamic web application or a mobile application the easiest way is to outsource app development services.

We know that every firm has unique objectives, offerings, marketing plans, and customer demands. Therefore, before you start developing an app, We advise that you consider every significant aspect, including the purpose, objectives, and process.

BluEnt is an app development company that provides a variety of products and services to assist you in creating a successful web application! Its app development services and expertise is at par with international norms.

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