14 May 2020

Top Web Applications and Website Design Projects Developed by BluEnt

With COVID-19 rapidly redefining the way we work, many of us have switched from bustling offices to the lull of our homes. The work itself, however, remains the same. For companies to meet their goals while their employees work from home, they require the best mobile and web app developers for video conferencing, responsive website development, CSS implementation, and more.

BluEnt has you covered. We have served everyone from small businesses to household names such as Columbia University. To get an idea of the ways in which we can help your company, take a look at the top ten mobile and web applications and websites that we have developed.

Columbia University Logo

Website and Logo Design for Columbia University


The client: Columbia University in New York hardly needs introduction. It is one of the finest educational institutions in the world, and part of the Ivy League. Several of its affiliates have received Nobel Prizes, including Orhan Pamuk, Richard Axel, and Martin Chalfie.

How we helped them: Columbia requested BluEnt to create a university website with a corporate identity. BluEnt delivered within the promised timeline and budget, using a jQuery banner, CSS, and custom plug-ins. The result was a clean website with colors and fonts approved by the client. Columbia was pleased with the design and asked us to maintain their website.


Onboarding System for Alsbridge


The client: Alsbridge is an award-winning sourcing advisory and benchmarking firm that offers its services to Fortune companies around the globe. Based on the value it delivered to its clients, the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) ranked it the #1 Outsourcing Advisor in the world. It was acquired by ISG in 2016.

How we helped them: Alsbridge wanted a centralized platform for onboarding and off boarding in an orderly, systematic manner. BluEnt responded quickly, creating a product with a user-friendly interface. Our platform tracked the status of the process for every department, viewed information regarding equipment, privileges, etc. given to employees, addressed the needs of new hires, reduced time to process HR paperwork, and more.

JOI Media

Intranet Portal for JOI Media


The client: The award-winning JOI Media is a global leader in enterprise software and software-related services. In 2011, the Calgary Chamber of Commerce recognized it as the Emerging Enterprise of the Year. The company optimizes day-to-day operations, streamlining decision-making and driving profitability.

How we helped them: JOI Media required an intranet portal for effective employee collaboration. BluEnt created one that contained the following sections/tabs: announcements, corporate directory, ability to upload and share files among employees, team calendar, FAQs and more. Our HTML programming skills, JavaScript and advanced CSS capabilities combined to create an intranet that was both user-friendly and efficient.

Med DataLink MD

Medical Data Management Software for StatLink Systems


The client: StatLink Systems powers a web-based software called Med DataLink for medical testing companies to help them manage their test data and reports from physicians.

How we helped them: The SLMD's internal team wanted a technology partner to develop a web-based application for their business objectives. It was to be a go-to resource for clients. BluEnt created an app that was built on a stable platform, provided secure data transfer and storage, an HIPAA-compliant exchange of information, easy to use, fully documented, and beat the market competition with superior functionality. We also created a multiple encounter records (MER) management system for them.

Jobsahead Logo

Content Management System for JobsAhead


The client: A pioneer of e-recruitment in India, JobsAhead boasts 83 million page views, 6,000 corporate clients, 3 million job seekers, and over 400,000 job offerings. The company connects Indian talent with the finest organizations both in the country and around the globe. It was eventually acquired by MonsterIndia.

What we did for them: JobsAhead required a custom content management system (CMS). BluEnt gave them a user-friendly interface, integration with Google Analytics, a custom admin panel for content management, web-hosting solutions, about 30 general content pages, company-specific color design, and more.

Texan Millwork Inc.

Website for Texan Millwork


The client: Established in 1997, Texan Millwork Inc. has earned its excellent reputation in the millwork industry by delivering formidable work in commercial and residential cabinetry. Whether the customer requires a modern design or a vintage look, Texan Millwork customizes each project according to the client's wants and delivers more than expected.

How we helped them: Texan Millwork wanted a full revamp of their website for enhanced functioning and increased online leads. BluEnt delivered an upscale web design with an interactive UI & UX and search engine optimization (SEO) on multiple web-developed pages. It included an exclusive user-friendly page to display their successful millwork projects.

Community Musician

Mobile App for Community Musician


The client: Community Musician is a mobile app for musicians to connect online and interact in local communities. It offers a platform to express and pursue music, and organize live shows, exchange tips.

How we helped them: The client required a mobile app that would serve as a one-stop solution for all music lovers. BluEnt delivered an app that incorporated all the functionalities needed to learn music, rent a space for rehearsals, buy or sell an instrument, and take or give classes. We ensured an excellent user interface and also made the app popular within the music community, and were given the responsibility to maintain their website and mobile app.

SunPower Logo

Global Website in Hebrew Language for SunPower


The client: SunPower is a global leader in solar innovation and has been developing record-breaking solar technology since the 1970s. Their illustrious history has been marked by creativity, craftsmanship and confidence.

How we helped them: SunPower's target audience was based in Israel, which meant that the website would be in Hebrew. They required HTML prototyping and implementation of an advanced CSS. BluEnt's UX team restructured the features to match the coding format in Hebrew. We provided HTML/CSS in Hebrew, and integrated jQuery plug-ins for 'Scrolling Banners' and 'Modal Popup for Video.'

Redwood Finance

Website for Redwood Finance


The client: Redwood Finance is an investment dealer company situated in Mauritius. The firm is popularly known for its experience in supporting investors in navigating today's market environment. Its focus areas are domestic and global markets, asset and wealth management, and corporate finance.

How we helped them: Redwood finance was intending to launch its website in the competitive investment market. BluEnt delivered a speckles functional website with unique features. The product enhanced the client's performance and helped define its marketplace personality.

Counterpart Communication Design View

Re-Developed Website for Counterpart


The client: Counterpart Communication Design is an award-winning marketing communications and web management firm. They are famous for their web content management, concept and creative strategy architecture, and campaign planning. Their clientele ranges from startups to Fortune 500 companies, including FedEx, Hilton Worldwide, International Paper, Procter & Gamble, and Progressive Insurance.

How we helped them: Counterpart CD wanted to restructure their website's feel and look. BluEnt re-developed the website and included complex functionalities such as a flexible and interactive portfolio and client section. Each section had a detailed page where the content management system accommodated multiple needs.


Whether you're looking for web development services or logo design, BluEnt is your go-to IT partner. We delight in the achievements and growth of our clients.

Our services include video conferencing solutions, mobile app development and web apps, big data management, online stores, social media marketing, analytics, customer and employee-facing web portals, and much more.

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