16 Jul 2020

Employee Tracking Apps: Why They Are the Need of the Hour


Picture this.

Your employee is working from home. Aside from the sporadic text message, you get no updates from him, and as such, you do not know what he is actually doing with his time.

He could be working diligently – in fact, he probably is – but on the off chance that he is spending his time watching Netflix and occasionally checking emails, you will need a solution.

Enter employee tracking apps.

That is, the smart way to analyse productivity, manage tasks, and monitor employees.

Whether your employee is working remotely or you are unavailable at the office and cannot supervise your workers, such apps will greatly benefit you. You can obtain them through trusted web app development companies.

With the novel coronavirus pandemic upturning businesses everywhere, an employee tracking application is no longer a quirky option – it is a necessity.

What Are Employee Tracking Apps?

Employee tracking apps enable a process of collecting information about employee productivity and performance.

Software tracking includes login and logout monitoring, Internet monitoring, and so on.

Hardware monitoring uses digital interactions, cameras, calls, and so on.

This gives an employer a panoramic view of how her employees are making use of their time.

(It is important to note, however, that employers must not use tracking apps to such an extent that it becomes either micromanaging or an invasion of employee privacy.)

Advantages of Employee Tracking Applications

Mobile app development services can provide you with a time and attendance app to lighten your workload and boost productivity. Here's how:

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Solve Attendance Issues

Arrival time, start time, lunch break, leaves...tracking attendance is tedious work if there are multiple managers and team leads.

Employee timesheet software, such as Blitz, can lighten this load.

Whether it's filling in hourly work, planning leaves in advance, or asking for waivers, the right web app development company can organize and simplify your employees' attendance.

HR can breathe a sigh of relief.

Identify Unproductive Behavior

Everyone slacks from time to time. (Yes, even you.)

But there is a difference between occasionally taking a break and spending most of the workday playing video games.

By taking advantage of mobile app development services, managers can receive notifications of their team's digital movements and determine how focused they are.

Rectify Errors

No one makes mistakes on purpose.

That doesn't mean mistakes won't have consequences – small or large – in a business.

Use a timesheet management system to catch employee errors and fix them before those mistakes potentially anger clients or increase your paperwork.

You can do this by checking employees' work, making sure they are on the right track, and occasionally sending reminders.

Make Remote Working Easier

Remote working culture has been given a major leg-up due to the coronavirus pandemic.

You don't want to be left behind and not only miss out on some great new apps tailored to remote work, but also potentially endanger your employees.

Even without direct supervision, an employee tracking app can help establish a good workflow.

When employers can monitor the attendance and performance of employees working remotely, they don't have to wonder about whether or not their employees are reliable – they know.

Fulfill Potential

Every one of your employees has untapped potential.

Gauge their strengths (and areas to improve) with the help of a web app development company that can tailor an employee time tracker to your needs.

This will help you understand the communication, creativity, and decision-making skills of your employees. Get a panoramic view of what they're excelling at and what they can do better.

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With this information, you will know which employees to assign to particular tasks.

Gather Legal Evidence

In the unlikely event that evidence is required for legal processes, monitored data can come in handy. If the employer is taking advantage of the employee, or vice versa, online timesheet software can serve you well.


Wave goodbye to the headache of typing up a progress report on email every day.

It doesn't matter if you're an enterprise, a large business, a funded startup, or a mid-sized consulting firm. With employee timesheet software, you can simplify your business processes like never before.

Issue tickets for technical infrastructure, assign training, manage leaves, and more.

Whether you want web or mobile app development services (or both!), BluEnt can provide you a seamless solution.

Let timesheet management software help your company make the leap from good to great. Contact us to get started!

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