09 Jul 2018

CRM Reporting: Making Information Work for You

CRM Reporting tools create reports which display information in an easily understandable format. The CRM database is a very valuable resource if harvested correctly. How can you derive the maximum benefit from your CRM?

A business uses a customer relationship management (CRM) system to store records of customers. The system maintains details pertaining to each customer – their entire history of interactions including purchases and services rendered. How can you make the most of this data?

The CRM benefits for business are multifold. It goes beyond being just a database for customer records. It is a storehouse of data which is continuously increasing. CRM solutions enable businesses to streamline this data in a productive manner.

Data is of no use as a jumble. To get value out of your CRM data you need to categorize, organize and filter it. The purpose of using a CRM is to compile all customer information and other business data in one place. Organized data is like a gold mine for a business. Now with all the information stored in well-defined tables we need to find a way to derive maximum advantage out of it.

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Imagine the fresh new potential customers just waiting to be tapped. A CRM report is what you need to make this information workable. Where you do stand in relation with each potential customer?

What is a CRM Report?

A CRM Report is a collection of data organized in a useful and informative format. You probably already knew that. The lesser known fact is how this data can be manipulated and presented in a report. You have the choice of getting complex analytical data reports using a CRM customized application. Though the information is compiled in a complex manner, the report is easy to understand.

The data, which has been amassed from a number of different sources, is filtered, analyzed, and displayed in an advantageous way. CRM Reporting tools are a feature which can be further developed to deliver CRM reporting requirements specific to a business. 

A business report can give you current and definite positional status regarding various aspects of your business. A business owner can make an informed decision based on the cumulative information on the CRM report.

All CRM users have a choice between canned and customized reports. Canned reports are preconfigured and easy to retrieve. If you want your CRM data to work for you, you need more than just the run of the mill reports.

Customized CRM reports

The real manipulation of information in an innovative and purposeful form is derived through the CRM reporting tools. To go a step beyond the original CRM reporting requirements with information tailoring, we have the custom CRM application for generating reports. Customized reports provide your business with valuable insights for progressive maneuvers.

On-demand Reporting

The capability to produce up-to-date reports on demand is one of the most useful CRM Reporting features. Before making decisions which could alter the course of the business, you can view a comprehensive report of influencing factors.

A customized customer relationship management strategy will channelize the data for your business advantage. Irrespective of whether you are a small business or medium sized one you can benefit from the CRM solutions that BluEnt provides. 

CRM integration: Capitalizing on resources

A CRM should be able to do more for you than just reproduce the information that has been manually entered. Integrating a CRM into your website opens up a new set of opportunities for a business. Whether you use Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Zoho or any other CRM is not the point.

The website integrated CRM gathers customer information from the internet by working in coordination with your website. This is an automated process to find potential leads online.

So, whether you need salesforce integration, sugar CRM integration or any other CRM integration, we can help you out. Once your CRM has been assimilated into your website the CRM will automatically update itself with information related to new or potential customers based on your website activity. It is a customer relationship management strategy devised to upgrade your marketing techniques.

Scheduled reports: Get your leads

The CRM is constantly updating its database with contacts and their information. How do you know how much information the CRM has accumulated and what it is?

A report can be scheduled to run automatically at a specified time or frequency. These reports can be delivered by email to predefined users. The CRM reporting tool ensures that the data is filtered and formatted. A custom CRM application changes the way business information reports are presented to you.

Online marketing data

The CRM data analytical tools ensure that the CRM gathers information which is appropriate. It eliminates duplicity and redundancy. The CRM reporting tools come in useful for providing a complete detailed report of the website activity pertaining to customers. Your business is able to harvest a myriad of leads and opportunities from online contacts. The customer relationship management strategy is to pass the potential leads to the sales team for conversion.

CRM integration is one of the successful techniques employed by businesses to increase growth prospects.

Type of CRM reports

A report always has a useful purpose for a business. Based on that statistic provided by the CRM reports a business is able to decide its future course of action as well as set targets and goals.

Customer Reports provide in-depth information regarding demographics and buying patterns. It allows the sales and marketing team to define online marketing campaigns.

Revenue reports are one of the most essential reports for any business. It gives a clear indication of the increase in revenue generated over the specified interval.

Want to know where you stand in relation to business growth? Check the Growth Report for the increase in customer base. You can also get the statistics related to your lead pool. The funnel analysis is a common technique used to analyses the conversion pace of your leads.

There are various types of CRM reports and each one has a specific purpose. The type of report a business requires is based on the nature of the business. Reports can be presented as pictorial representations, charts, graphs or statistics. You can choose the type of display format required. 

BluEnt CRM solutions

A CRM is an extensive system. There are loads of features and functionalities that remain unused, mostly for lack of knowledge. Our CRM solutions based on customized CRM applications can help your business push the benchmark for business targets and achievement.

BluEnt can make your CRM a platform, which not only collaborates on leads, but presents new business opportunities. Our custom application development can make a huge difference to your business performance.

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