31 Jan 2017

4 Ways To Up Your Blogging Game

Blogging is a remarkable way to inform, educate and promote your business. With the grip the Internet has on the world, blogging makes it easier for people to relate to your business. It makes your consumers feel more connected to your business.

You could say that blogging is one way of telling stories. Think of it as filmmaking but in text form. Which makes it even more important to know what you are talking about relevant, precise and not hard to understand. Blogging is a very wide spectrum and allows you to truly express your knowledge to people. With blogging, you can not only focus on your business but also on your own stories. It works for scientists, businessmen and artists. People of any field or regiment. The best part there is always an audience for blogs.

People are always hungry and scouring for new content on the daily. But since the internet is such a dense network, there are also rules, more like guidelines one should follow to reach a large, more responsive crowd. Here are some.

  • Focus on your target audience: It takes very little time for a blog post to go in an extremely different direction and become a mess. Organizing is key for blogging. This is why knowing your target audience is very essential. Your target audience groups should be very well defined and your blog posts should be relatable to them. If not, nobody gets anything done out of it.

    • Know how your target audience thinks and reacts. Once you start thinking from their angle, you will be able to write your next blog piece without any trouble.

    • Always keep a track about your target audience. Know what is the latest thing they're talking about, what is they think they are reading nowadays, what it their opinions about particular products. Once you dive deeper into this stuff, you will be able to steer your blog posts in a very relevant direction.

    • Sometimes, it is okay to write a blog post about a topic that you don't really sell or promote to keep your consumer's attention. This makes you appear as a person who cares about what is going around and gives you the opportunity to appear more globally wise.

    • Focus on the demographics of your target audience to enjoy maximum reach. Demographics are a very important factor that can make it or break it for your blog. Be alert about what's going on where with who to allow yourself to give more coverage and edge to your blog posts. Location-based marketing is the best way to reach out to your target audience. Look into how you can market your blogs to the other parts of the world. Use the internet as a friend. Be careful and aware of the happenings of the world. This will impress your audience even more.

  • Easy to Read: Let's admit it, not all of us are familiar with Shakespearean English. Which is precisely why one should always keep in mind to make their blog post in an easy to read format. Reaching out to everyone starts with basic language. That is one way to show that you're truly integrated to informing your customers. Here's how you can make your blog posts reach a larger audience simply by tweaking the language:

    • Use simpler synonyms of words where ever possible. This will create a higher engagement with your audiences.

    • Provide the information in a very precise manner. The long format will only work for you when your audience is interested in the content of your blog post. It takes a paragraph to gain their interest but a line to distract them. Keep that in mind when you are churning out your next blog post.

    • Set the tone of your content in accordance with your target audience. If your target audience is teenagers, you want to sound like a teenager in your blog post. If your target audience is businessmen, you want to sound like a businessman. You get the drill.

    • Make use of words that are currently trending. This may sound like a temporary situation, but it gets you more permanent audiences. The logic behind it is, the fresher, newer words you use shows you are up with the ways of the world causing people to come back to your blog over and over again.

    • If your blog posts are personal, try to make it sound as authentic as possible. Focus on the detail of the experience you are sharing. Make them go through your experience as though they themselves were living it.

    • Decipher for yourself if you want your audience to focus on your idea, or on your emotions. This is a major mistake blogger tend to make. If you want your audience to focus on your ideas, make sure you talk about your vision of the idea, the birth and importance of the idea etc. If emotion, make sure you chalk out clearly what you feel about the situation. Give them the angle of your perspective and why you think they should see it from your perspective. Give room for emotions to evoke.

  • Make your blogs Visually Effective: Visuals are the way of the Internet. Adding infographics increases your views by a significant number. Visuals convey a message better than just plain text. They are fast, less time consuming and effective. Visuals are simply put, more effective and fun. Here's some ways to introduce visuals in your next blog post:

    • Make proper use of Infographics. Infographics are sharp, informative and easily registered. One also has the option to store them in one's phone and access them even when one might not have access to the internet.

    • Use fun, vivid and bright fonts which interest your consumers even more. Fonts are often underestimated, which makes their potential untapped. Using the correct kind of fonts in the right place makes a huge difference. Hire a good graphic designer for the same if you are confused about which font to use.

    • Make use of small videos. A vlog is a very effective way to reach out to people. Due to its audio-visual nature, a vlog is more versatile and hands-free. This gives consumers the advantage of being able to listen to it when they're driving or in the shower; when they're too busy to read.

    • Gif's are a cute way to express your feelings in a blog post. The usage of gifs is tremendously appreciated by people. Just be careful that it's loading time doesn't take too long. Try to stick to probably 2-3 gifs per blog post.

    • Stick to a theme of your blog that resonates with your work best.

  • Use Social Media to Market: As a business owner in these days, one must very much be in tune with social media and how to market your business. Blog posts can reach maximum reach if you have your social media channels optimized and used to its true potential. Once you go viral on social media, there is no looking back, and trust us, there is no easier way than social media to boost your sales and increase your market value. Hire a social media expert from BluEnt to do the more technical things. You on your part do the important thing of writing the blog post.

    • Boost your blog posts by marketing them through paid ads on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can severely increase your views with less money. Social media marketing is cost-effective and extensively useful.

    • Hype up your blog posts by sharing them on your social media channels. When you tell the audience to read your new posts, they will be excited.

    • Push notifications can really help you to reach a large audience if used correctly. Worried you might be giving too many of them out? We can help, just give us a buzz.

    • Think about creative and imaginative ways to spread your blogs. You can use social media channels like Snap Chat and Instagram to make small vlogs which people can follow you to see. Best part, the filters. Just kidding, the best part is, you can actively track who all watched your story and who all are following you, which is great for you and your business.

In Review:

  • Readability is extremely important for your blogs to succeed.

  • Your blogs need to be visually effective and versatile.

  • Do not lose focus on your target audience. They should be your number one priority, always.

  • Social Media is a splendid way to amass a following.

Blogging is a fun and useful tool which has tremendous potential to up your level. If done correctly, you can amass a huge following within just couple of months. There are millions of ways to reach your audience and more and more creative and new ways are upcoming to boost sales. However, it is very common that one might falter at any given point in life. Prevent falling down by hiring a professional.  We here at BluEnt will walk with and guide you at every step of the way.

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