03 Apr 2018

Why Use Drupal For Your eCommerce Website Development?

Looking for a perfect platform for your dream eCommerce website? Drupal is your answer.

A quality Content Management System is an essential component of a successful online marketing system, which is why you need to search for the perfect platform if you want to make your eCommerce website development a success.

With a plethora of CMS out there, it can sometimes be difficult to make your best choice for products and services. The word originating from "Drupal" comes from the Dutch word "Druppel" that means dropping, refers to a CMS that works great for corporate websites, personal blogs, political and government websites.

So, what could be the reasons for choosing Drupal as an eCommerce site?

A Versatile Content Management System

An eCommerce webpage requires fresh content to be updated regularly with images and text. In such a case, Drupal works as a combination of an eCommerce platform integrated with the Drupal Content Management System.

You can thus upload your content with no effort and see rising sales every time. You can even include the other features into your web-store, and highlight a best-selling product on your website.

If your focus in on an eCommerce module in Drupal 8, you can take advantage of the Drupal Commerce project that is a blend of the e-commerce API, the ease of using Ubercart along with advancement, security and usability of Drupal 8.

Protected Webpage with secure login and checkout

Drupal's secure page module ensures complete webpage security specially developed for eCommerce websites. You can install the SSL certification on your business website, and work on the module's organization structure to choose the pages to be secured on the site.

Securing your webpage is dependent upon the module in use to activate the e-business functionality, for which you might need to consult the particular module's documentation and issue tracker on a Drupal eCommerce tutorial.

Increase your SEO graph

The major reason behind utilizing Drupal for eCommerce is to attract traffic to your website and increase your SEO statistics.

For one thing, Drupal has included a combination of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Analytics that enables you to write your own SEO-friendly URLs instead of the automatically-generated ones.

You can even set price tags for products even for overseas customers according to their location, packaging and product type among others.

Customize your business website your way

The Drupal eCommerce platform is not suited for product deals or promotions but is a great option for using custom layouts and CSS sites to work with certain parts with your Drupal websites that help in earning money.

You can customize your website in such a way that clients can view the product list and reviews in neat tables, frameworks and records and create custom item indexes and related item shows and item pieces.

Another tip would be to add Views to your shopping cart to attract your customers towards more products.

Integrating External tools

Drupal effortlessly integrates external tools to import content from third-party systems, tools and services into your business website. You can use the Order Management Tool to edit, manage and view all your orders or update notifications.

WYSIWYG Functionality

You can include the WYSIWYG functionality on your business website, and edit it on your settings to show your contacts and online store payment settings. You will need to change your editorial manager's settings to turn off the supervisor naturally, though the end product will vary according to each module as there is no one-stop solution for each module.

Customize your catalogue

Customers can edit, manage or view items on their own product catalogues choosing their own preferred layout such as tables, grids and lists for a customized look.

Product Reviews

Make your eCommerce website an open site by encouraging users to submit requests on your website, and allow them to rate items they have earlier purchased on your website. This simple evaluation feature will help future customers to make wise purchases and you to focus on advertising the currently popular items.

Any Payment Method and Currency with No Premium Charges

Drupal is an open and free eCommerce platform, and does not include plug-ins and premium modules yet offers you better visibility on your platform, higher security and advanced functionality.

Customers can pay for their products through card payment, net banking, WordPay, Realex Payment, SagePay, Stripe and PayPal among others. Your eCommerce website will be able to adapt to a dual currency manner, either in Euros or dollars.

Drupal has recently come out with Drupal 8 Ecommerce which comes with an improved loading speed enabling you to retain traffic with no bouncing rates, a mobile toolbar view for handheld mobile devices and responsive themes for every device.

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