BluEnt's Drupal experts live in it and make it do extraordinary things (of course, keeping industry standards in mind). We look at every project objectively but create a subjective norm to keep the core of your idea. (Maximum Value Achieved)

Majority of people still look at Drupal as a content management system which might have been true earlier, but not anymore.

Drupal fulfills largely accepted feature requirements for web frameworks which declare it as a ready-made toolkit to create web applications. It is currently known as a software framework that is designed to enhance the development of web apps including web resources, web services, and web APIs.

Drupal got famous among the governmental departments, educational institutes, political websites, non-profitable organizations, and associations. Why shouldn't it be? It is highly trusted for providing what they need - security and stability.

Drupal has a valuable set of features with the functionality of a codebase and interfaces forms. So, you can't just call it a blogging platform, an e-commerce base, or even a social media platform, in fact, Drupal is used to create all these types of websites now. Email Us Know more about BluEnt's Drupal Services E-mail:sales@bluent.net
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Drupal is famous for outstanding tools of structuring, filtering and maintaining your content. It also offers plenty of themes which are flexible as per the needs.

BluEnt offers a team of experts with the years of participation in Drupal who helps you to manage and drive the digital experience with the adaptability to build amazing websites.

To understand how Drupal fits in your organization or to fix an existing Drupal platform, contact us now.

Fun facts About Drupal:
  • Drupal became an open source project in the year of 2001 by Dries Buytaert. Buytaert wanted to name the site "dorp" (which means "village" in Dutch) for showcasing the idea of the community association but mistyped while exploring the domain name and liked "Drop" more as it sounded better. "Druppel" is a Dutch word for drop and pronounced as "droo-puhl", hence the software is called "Drupal".
  • With its developing growth and wide acceptance, people are tempted to choose this framework and there is more than 2 percent of the websites worldwide running currently on this backend framework alone.
  • Steven Wittens and Kristjan Jansen have created a logo design which was called "Drupalicon". The logo concept was originated from the drop; a styled drop with "infinity" shaped eyes, a curved nose and a playful smile.

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