06 Feb 2023

How to Hire the Best Shopify Developers for your Fashion and Retail Stores?

This blog has been updated on - March 06, 2024

Are you searching for the most proficient Shopify developers but unsure how to hire the best one?

Shopify is one of the most extensively used eCommerce platforms, generating enormous revenue for fashion and retail companies.

Hiring the right team for custom Shopify web development promises you to have the most capable and unique features on your eCommerce store, depicting your brand value, customer shopping experience, and business goals.

We will discuss the most effective approaches that retail and fashion industries must use to hire competent Shopify developers.

Why is Hiring the Best Shopify Developers Crucial for Online Retailers?

There are many popular e-commerce platforms available in the market today.

However, opting for Shopify custom development is perceived to be the best approach for startups and growing brands.

During the post-pandemic recovery period, physical retail stores began turning to e-commerce platforms. There's been a rapid growth in the number of startups looking for a trusted website development service provider that caters to new business needs and market trends. That e-commerce solution contains everything required for a profitable online retail store.

At this point, both Shopify and its developers began to acquire traction.

According to Statista, most fashion merchants opted for Shopify services in 2023, adding up to more than 500,000 apparel brands using the Shopify eCommerce platform.

When it comes to choosing the best eCommerce platform for business, Shopify dominates its competitors because:

  • Shopify is a global player with more than ten percent of the market share in the worldwide eCommerce software segment.

  • Shopify's total revenue share was $6.65 billion in 2023, with over 700 million customers from 174 nations.

  • Famous international brands, including Tesla, Nestle, Pepsi Co. Inc, Decathlon, Red Bull Fashion Nova, ColorPoP, and Netflix, use Shopify over Magento, WooCommerce, and other platforms.

  • Shopify's new checkout service, Shopify Payments, introduced 'Buy with Prime' for merchants already selling on Amazon instead of flagging their additional sales channel. That's gaining immense popularity since its launch in August 2023.

With many developments in the Shopify marketplace, fashion and retail merchants have strong reasons to hire Shopify developers for online store development.

When Should You Hire Shopify Developers in E-commerce Development?

Several factors must be considered when launching an online retail or fashion business.

Hiring competent Shopify experts is necessary to start an eCommerce business, from finding the spot-on product for a specific target market to sourcing the merchandise, keeping track of the inventory, and developing an outstanding marketing strategy.

There's already plenty on the platter, and without exhaustive development experience, building a website from scratch can be unproductive.

Hiring Shopify developers for eCommerce web development means you'll have more time to work on the below-defined aspects of your business:

  • Improve SEO optimization for high sales, sales channel system, analytics, etc.

  • Get more reach through the best marketing strategies and tools.

  • Add unique designs, themes, and other visual elements that reflect your brand, considering UI/UX trends for eCommerce websites.

  • Ensure you get constant support throughout your business journey.

Shopify experts can be game changers for your business. Their distinctive insights and experience in Shopify custom development will ensure you get more out of the eCommerce customer journey.

They will simplify the process and delve into the specifics of how to make the platform more interactive and shopping-friendly.

What Should You Look for in a Shopify Development Company?

You know the systematic process for hiring a web designer or developer for eCommerce portal development.

However, there are a few distinctive elements to consider while choosing Shopify developers that can make your project stand out.

Well, it all starts with you and your needs.

The Fundamentals of 'You'

Even though it's virtually usually included as one of the hiring process's fundamentals, it's one of the most important.

The appearance of your website defines your brand's identity and values.

  • When building eCommerce solutions, Shopify developers need to think outside the box and consider your company's needs rather than just using a systematized approach.

    Mind that every retail or fashion company checks those structured boxes; what makes yours unique?

    While everyone will ask you to follow the basic process to make your site refreshing and different, the best Shopify developers go beyond the basics.

  • An extensive process goes into creating a website and recruiting dedicated Shopify front-end and back-end developers. For you, it is primarily creative.

Don't Overlook the Specifics

Now that you have defined your brand and what you want your website to mirror, you can begin recruiting Shopify experts.

  • Start by listing the project requirements, budget, and timeline beforehand. Make sure to have the essentials documented.

    A rough notion of what tasks and processes the online store development using Shopify needs to accomplish will help you recruit better.

    Beyond the specific tasks, answer questions like what design you see for your store. What capabilities and features are must-haves for your website?

  • Before you start recruitment, determine how much you can comfortably pay the Shopify website developer. This will help you avoid contacting candidates who don't fit the bill.

An Expose on Shopify Experts

Don't forget that there aren't several Shopify developers to choose from. Thus, hiring the best fit for your project can take time and effort.

Hence, we are here to help simplify the process. Remember that every job role has distinctive duties, necessities, and a set of most important qualities.

  • Shopify web designers and developers must possess the already defined qualities and the traits you desire in the development team.

    For example, you don't want to hire an unresponsive Shopify expert who won't promptly respond to your emails. How they schedule the project with a specific timeline and set milestones can do wonders for your project.

  • Their portfolio and testimonials will give you a deeper understanding of how well they meet the specific technical (functionality, load speed) and creative requirements (design, color, images).

    Browse through all their previous e-commerce projects catering to a related sector.  You can put more trust in those familiar with critical elements of the B2B eCommerce portal or who have previously handled a similar project.

    Note what piqued your interest and what doesn't work for you.

Make the Research Work Exhaustive!

Now that you have a few selected contenders for the profile focus on the second screening process. We advise you to take your time and do extensive research when looking for a Shopify development company.

In the following research step, review social media profiles and reviews in-depth.

Request references from those in your sector. You can peruse platforms that give you unfiltered reviews, such as Reddit, Shopify forums, Quora, etc.

Email their clients to learn more about the experience with the respective Shopify developers.

Creativity is an Indispensable Quality

Select Shopify experts who don't produce cookie-cutter websites with barely distinguishable designs. Instead, seek developers who demonstrate original yet feasible eCommerce website design strategies for small retailers.

Make sure to take advantage of this trait. It's what will make your e-commerce journey extraordinarily satisfying and successful.

The Down-the-road Plan

There are always a few technical hiccups that every company faces once the Shopify custom development is complete.

Your developers will have the answers to your website's functionality. Before hiring, ensure they offer constant support and availability even after the work is complete.

Choose a Shopify developer who can edit or reconstruct the project as often as necessary to meet the changing online shopping trends. Even though these kinds of Shopify experts are uncommon, they are entirely worth it.

Examine your Requirements Unhesitatingly

Your shortlisted candidates already meet some of your requirements.

  • The interview should involve them learning your brand and business goals alongside addressing how they plan to meet them.

  • Gather an understanding of the selected Shopify plus expert's technical knowledge, work ethics, and creative process. Check samples of the previous work or the quality of the eCommerce landing page they used.

    That is to know that they truly know everything the reviews and portfolio claims and possess all the skills and traits you require.

  • Don't fall for the first Shopify developer that impresses you! Finish what you started. Get through at least half of the shortlisted ones.

If you have done exhaustive research and followed every step of the process listed here, you'll be surprised by the outcome of these interviews.

The Final Step to Development

Before they sign the contract, document the payment schedule and milestones that work for you and the developer to ensure clarity later. It will aid in managing progress.

Go over the complete project, bring up any concerns about the site or project, and get the Shopify developer's opinion.

The Shopify development agency should offer solutions that enhance your eCommerce customer experience and set you apart from your competitors.

Optimize your Retail Store's Performance, Appeal, & Functions with the Best Shopify Developers

Shopify is a robust platform with several advantages for retail and fashion business owners wishing to launch a new venture or revamp an old one.

Your preferred platform will ultimately depend on your unique needs, capabilities, ambitions, and skill set. Defining these will also help you hire the best Shopify web designer.

Shopify e-commerce development needs organized planning, teamwork, and careful execution; hiring a web designer or Shopify development agency is crucial.

You are collaborating with BluEnt, a leading website design and development company. The team can help you design a website that focuses on delivering excellent results.

BluEnt's value-engineered development services and expertise are at par with global standards. We also offer comprehensive web solutions for Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and other web development frameworks for eCommerce development.

Are you planning to launch a successful e-commerce store? Meet expert Shopify developers to get started!



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