30 Jan 2023

How Shopify E-commerce Development Solves Challenges for Online Merchants

This blog has been updated on - January 31, 2024

Most eCommerce developers recommend hiring a trusted Shopify development company to help your retail business flourish. Selling niche products or many items online becomes incredibly simple with a website that stands out and gives buyers a great shopping experience.

Your retail site is the foundation for your online store, so picking the best eCommerce platform is crucial. As the attractiveness of eCommerce has increased, numerous major businesses have emerged as leading providers of hosted platforms, and Shopify eCommerce is one of them.

This blog will explore why it is worth investing in Shopify development services for eCommerce success.

Why Should Retailers Hire a Shopify Development Company?

According to Shopify's report, the platform has generated over $812 billion in sales throughout its 17 years of journey. Its market also recorded a total revenue of $5.6 billion in 2022.

Statista revealed that e-commerce accounted for around 19% of retail sales in 2022, indicating more than a quarter of total global sales will be generated from the online segment in 2027. 

  • That increased demand for online store development companies like BluEnt. There are quite a few eCommerce development technologies that offer exceptional features, such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. But if you choose Shopify for your online store, you can only rely on certified developers with prior experience to make the most of it.

  • Every e-commerce platform offers something distinctive, like the developers you hire to integrate them. If you opt for Shopify custom development, you use the most preferred and influential e-commerce solution for start-ups and large retailers. Hence, it would help if you always got experts to proceed with your eCommerce web development project.

Shopify has exponentially grown since its establishment in 2006, evolving from an essential eCommerce development toolkit to a full-fledged solution for shopping web development.

About 29% of businesses had used Shopify for their websites, making it one of the most well-known solutions in 2022. Shopify is the 4th most popular among the best e-commerce platforms every retail developer must try.

  • Any Shopify development company prefers this platform as it has a rich ecosystem of various apps, extensions, and tools that can be tailored to your unique website requirements.

  • With the aid of the Shopify App Store and APIs, it is easy to create a new e-commerce site, migrate from a different platform, or enhance and personalize your existing store. It dissolves the challenges of how to start an eCommerce business for emerging or new retailers.

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Both inexperienced and seasoned retail business owners can profit from Shopify. Compared to the benefits of Magento and WooCommerce, adopting Shopify custom development has distinct advantages.

Benefits of Professional Shopify Development Services for Your Retail Business

Let us delve into the significant pros of selecting Shopify for eCommerce solutions:

Using Shopify is Easy

One of the biggest challenges most retail entrepreneurs face is building an online store from scratch. They are not necessarily tech-savvy and may need to be made aware of what goes into making an online platform.

Did you know that Shopify store development does not require you to learn coding at all? In this way, it is easier than creating a blog on WordPress (which is another great platform, but for different reasons).

Of course, having a working coding knowledge will let you or the professional Shopify developers create the store exactly how you want.

  • This platform already handles the servers and hosting for you. You must provide the brand name and the products you need for your e-commerce store.

  • After creating an account on the Shopify website, developers use customizations to build your store, including eCommerce landing page design. Post this; they will need your brand's product images to upload to the site.

  • After uploading them, you can always edit the titles, descriptions, and color themes.

  • The dashboard helps you to handle the inventory, issue discounts, monitor transactions, and track all your orders through advanced sales data analytics.

A Shopify-certified developer can ease the entire development process. However, knowing what the development process involves is essential.

Powered by a Robust App Ecosystem

Every Shopify development company recommends using this platform because it's simple to increase the functionality of your online business. You only need to utilize Shopify's extensive and thriving app ecosystem.

The platform provides a wide range of efficient and powerful apps. There are more than 1,500 apps available. However, at least half of these require a premium subscription.

Whether a goal is to improve sales, generate reports, manage inventory or operations, or implement SEO for eCommerce websites, Shopify can do it all.

Shopify developers adore the platform since it has various tools, integrations, and extensions that help them develop a fantastic website through personalization.

Furthermore, Shopify allows you to set up eCommerce automation without human involvement. Brilliant, isn't it?

Helps to Create a Visually Stunning Shopping Site

The best thing about this platform is Shopify theme development.

With a package of Shopify store development services, you get an extensive collection of exceptional themes to choose from. As a result, retail shop owners can create a distinctive and aesthetically pleasing online store with Shopify.

  • The themes have unique styles, colors, functionalities, and designs to build a robust B2B eCommerce portal. Once the Shopify development company knows your needs, they can help you choose the best one.

  • You can select between both paid and free themes from the theme directory.

  • By avoiding major UI/UX design mistakes in eCommerce, a Shopify development company delivers a remarkable online store with custom-made themes.

Highly Secure and Reliable

In today's progressive tech era, security is one of the prime strategies for eCommerce websites.

Every online business deals with its clients' private, critical, financial, and, most crucially, confidential data.

  • This platform is stamped as trustworthy and safe by every Shopify development company. It limits data exchange with third parties and keeps the server up to date, which helps to prevent any virus activities and hacking.

  • The hosting solution manages the software infrastructure and provides rapid website page loading.

  • In the event of an unforeseen calamity, it even makes finding resolutions for data recovery easier.

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Offers Extensive and Excellent Customer Support

One of the other reasons why Shopify-certified developers at BluEnt love Shopify is the availability of a customer service team. A functional store without frequent and unattended hiccups helps define the eCommerce customer's journey with the brand.

  • This platform allows retailers to reach out via various channels like live chat, email, or phone.

  • The customer support team guarantees quick responses and resolutions to any inquiries or problems from clients. They work as quickly as they can to resolve the issues.

  • They even offer access to guides, and the help center contains a wealth of documentation to help you understand the most common issues and resolutions.

Shopify Mobile App Development is Simple

Mobile responsiveness is an integral part of the web development process.

  • With a Shopify development company, you don't have to spend time redesigning or making the site look appealing to customers. Images and text are accurately presented and comprehensible and do not overlap.

  • It doesn't matter what device the customers use to browse your site; it will be engaging enough to improve the eCommerce user experience.

  • Furthermore, the Shopify iOS or Android app makes it simple to handle the online store.

Secure and Smooth Payments

Simple and dependable payment gateway integration is one of the critical components of an online company.

  • The e-commerce business owner needs to pick a reliable gateway alternative that simplifies the payment process for its customers.

  • With Shopify, customers can use various payment methods to complete their transactions.

  • Customers and businesses don't need to worry about privacy invasions thanks to its support for Stripe payments.

Want to enable secure and smooth checkouts in your retail store? Hire BluEnt Shopify developers for all-inclusive payment gateway integration services.

Hire Top-rated Shopify Developers to Kick-start your E-commerce Business Today

In conclusion, Shopify is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs planning to start a new business. With its ease of use, comprehensive suite of tools, scalability, robust app ecosystem, and customer support, Shopify provides everything you need to succeed.

Running an online business can be a challenging experience, but with the right tools and the best eCommerce platforms, you can make the process smoother and more successful.

E-commerce web development needs organized planning, teamwork, and careful execution, and hiring a Shopify development company is crucial.

That's why you should collaborate with BluEnt, one of the best-rated technology service providers, providing value-engineered solutions with enterprise-level services.

With a technology portfolio featuring leading brands and enterprises, our dominance in designing and developing web apps, mobile apps, software, portals, products, and websites is known globally. Hire Shopify developers for your eCommerce project.

Check out our technology case studies to learn more about our work.



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