24 Dec 2020

Don’t Lose Your Customers. Here are the Top 4 UI/UX Mistakes to Avoid While Developing Your ECommerce Website

Good design equals profits.

If you've ever wanted to buy something online – a product, a service, anything – and ended up hitting the back button because you couldn't find what you were looking for or the checkout process was too complicated, share your experience in the comments section below.

Your decision meant a loss for whoever you were about to buy from. (Which is not unsurprising. The rate for people abandoning their online carts sits at nearly 70%, according to a study by Baymard.)

What you'll read in this article will apply to your landing pages, your checkout, your service pages – everything on your e-commerce website – and increase your sales.


Online retailers often make certain web design mistakes that prompt the user to leave the site.

While hiring a UX/UI web designer for your e-commerce website, be wary about some of the common mistakes they can make. This way, you can stay one step ahead and help your customers find what they are looking for.

Here are the top 4 UX/UI errors to avoid while developing an eCommerce website.

eCommerce Websites

4 UX/UI Mistakes to Avoid

  • No shipping, return policy or contact information

    This isn't just about ease of use. It's about risk reversal.

    Your customer does not want to spend money on a product or service she might end up disliking. It's a risk.

    By offering an easy return policy, you takes the risk away from your buyer and put it squarely on your shoulders. What happens then? You build loyalty. You build a base.

    A prominent display of your website's shipping and return policy instills trust in your customer. If the contact information is missing, the customer will be skeptical about whether your company is legitimate or not.

    Place your contact details vividly, so people can find it easily on your website. In fact, provide multiple contact options, including contact forms, email address, phone numbers, mailing address, etc.

  • Inadequate product details

    "Buy this box!"

    "What are the dimensions?"

    "I don't know."

    You don't want that situation. Your customer needs to know the exact dimensions of a product and all the details of a service. If you don't provide these, they will feel cheated.

    It is crucial for your website to offer a full description of the product with multiple images and detailed reviews from other users.

    As the primary purpose of any e-commerce websites is to sell products and services, if the user experience is not focused on helping customers in finding products, your website is in need of a UI/UX overhaul.

  • Complex navigation interface

    Getting lost is never fun. It's even less fun when you're trying to look for something you want.

    The navigation interface of any e-commerce website should be simple and intuitive.

    Customers should easily find and identify the product or service they are looking for. The UI design should make it easy for the user to navigate through pages.

    If the architecture of the website is not up to the mark and the navigation is complex, it will most definitely lead to a bad user experience.

  • Lengthy checkouts

    If your checkout process includes more than 3 steps, it is likely that the customer is going to drop out from the purchase.

    This is the worst mistake an e-commerce site can commit.

    The checkout process for an e-commerce website should be streamlined and simple. The user should be able to clearly see the shopping cart on every page. The cart should include all the additional costs, including the shipping fees, to provide clarity to the customer.


Studies disagree on how many e-commerce websites end up failing, but the numbers are depressingly high, around 80%.

Irrespective of the amount of money spent on SEO, SMO and other marketing initiatives, if your e-commerce websites don't meet the above requirements, it is likely to be among those numbers.

But if you've read upto here, you probably don't want that. And good news – it doesn't have to be that way.

BluEnt's experienced eCommerce web designers will create a UI/UX that will serve as a marketing tool and bring you profits in the long run.

We will design an e-commerce website with a user experience and user interface that meet your audiences' needs. Our user-centric designs include intuitive navigation, visual appeal, logically organized content, web technologies and scripts.

Ready to increase your sales by owning a user-friendly e-commerce website? Contact us now.

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