26 Sep 2018

Significant Elements that go into Building a Strong B2B Ecommerce Portal

When we first think of ecommerce portal development, the first thing that stands out is online stores and the B2C retail space. However, we overlook the fact that b2b ecommerce portal is as significant since the manufacturers, distributors and resellers are very important members of the commerce ecosystem. They are the ones that drive the b2c ecommerce marketplace. Hence, it is extremely crucial to have a defined b2b ecommerce strategy and create an intelligently functional b2b eCommerce platform.

"This industry has been gaining more and more popularity in recent times. According to the 2017 report done by the US Census Bureau, the eCommerce sales has boosted up to $105 billion in the first quarter of this year. Thus, it shows around a 15% increase compared to the same period of 2016." (Maven, Oleg Yemchuk, 2017) This statistical data confirms the importance of b2b portal development!

To even elucidate what all goes into building a strong b2b ecommerce portal, it is vital to go to the roots and understand what exactly is a b2b ecommerce platform. So, let's get to that shall we?

What is an eCommerce Portal?

One thing is for sure, an ecommerce portal is more than just a website. It is an online platform that enables people around the globe to shop all that they need via Internet. All that is required is Internet and a device! It is also a great opportunity for businesses to market their products and services online. The purpose of ecommerce portals is to offer a ground for both sellers and customers to have a more intensified and magnified interaction. This is done through the various functionalities and features that is designed for the same.

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The biggest benefit of using b2b ecommerce portal is that it allows the b2b businesses to save ample of time and sell more merchandise online. However, ecommerce web development company USA need to ensure that they tap into the spot-on perfect solution for b2b portal development. We need to remember that not all ecommerce platforms are armed to handle b2b transactions. The developers need to use the right features and tools to cater to b2b buyers.

To build a strong b2b ecommerce marketplace, ecommerce web design company gives immense significance to certain elements and functionalities for custom portal development. They range from front end development, back end development, data analysis etc. According to BluEnt, one of the leaders in the web development industry, there are 5 crucial elements that must be done right to create the most potent b2b ecommerce portal.

5 Crucial Elements to incorporate in Your B2B Ecommerce Strategy

  • Everything that glitters, can be golden in b2b ecommerce marketplace!

    Design is one of the most crucial elements in any ecommerce portal, even b2b ecommerce platform. The layout and design components should be organized and visually appealing. The graphics and other media elements such as video to widgets and sharing tools used on the website will score better with the clients. Anyone who visits your website should be able to spot whatever they are looking for with ease. The b2b ecommerce portal needs to have a good speed and should be responsive. When clients visit your website, you will get brownie points for pages that load quickly. Also, it should offer seamless navigation across various devices. Building an immersive experience for the clients will go a long way!

  • Content is King, SEO the throne in b2b ecommerce portals

    Cannot reiterate this one enough! Content is king but SEO is the throne. Without the throne, the king cannot rule. To drive traffic to the b2b ecommerce portal is it important to use SEO intelligently. SEO is nothing but the specific search terms that is used by clients to explore what they are searching for. If you utilize these terms to optimize your website's fantastic content then you'll be the king with a throne ruling the industry! Gaining that high visibility and ranking in Google isn't as tough as it looks. You can even use additional tags for your products with the right keywords to achieve the same. You can integrate your website with built-in-tools to make this happen!

  • The future is now!

    Planning ahead really pays off for b2b ecommerce portal. Reworking on the website every few years as you keep updating content and adding newer portions to it can be dreadful! So, for this, you need a scalable solution that tweaks and grows with your newer strategies. This will enable you to save a lot of time and of course those green notes! Now who doesn't want that? Your business will keep undergoing change and growth. Having a flexible solution to handle your store can be a blessing!

  • Run your b2b ecommerce platform like a well-oiled machine, my friend!

    Imagine having to manually copy the customer, order and products details 'to and fro' between your b2b ecommerce marketplace and your ERP. Even to think about it can be so exhausting! Integration can allow you to automate this practice. It can use the information from ERP to keep the store, customer and product data up-to-date. It will even transmitting orders straight to the ERP from your b2b ecommerce portal.

  • Consumers are social beings, go social!

    People are on social media all the time! You are on social media, aren't you? Well, so am I and so are your loved consumers. Give them the opportunity to shop for your products directly from the social media networks. In your b2b ecommerce platform, having this feature can prove to be a boon to your business! It is cumbersome for consumers if they need to leave the media site to go to the shopping cart. You making this easy for them can gain your loyalty points!


Your business needs the right b2b ecommerce platform to develop healthy and successful relationships with your customers. That's how it has a profitable impact on your business. The competition is massive and the experts at BluEnt can help you to leverage up-to-date technology to drive success to work on an unbeatable b2b ecommerce strategy!

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