12 Jun 2018

What You Need to Know About SEO For E-commerce Websites

We often talk about ranking high on search engines and getting more traffic by e-commerce SEO strategy. Trends are changing, and SEO personnel's are now focusing more on convertible traffic.

A big debate that has been raging forever is to what works for websites to get more traffic. With Search Engine algorithms changing rapidly, it is becoming difficult to outsmart the algorithms and get more traffic.

You will agree with me once you go through this article that reveals some of the most subtle yet drastic tweaks that lead to increased traffic. Let's get this show on the road about how to optimize e-commerce website.

Long tail keywords

Yes, you heard it right. Using long tail keywords is a must follow practice in SEO. It must be done but in a very calculated and smart way. A good content developer can smartly add the content with keywords in a very natural way, without the content quality getting impacted. He can use synonyms of the keywords that are used commonly and can drive a huge amount of traffic in the process.

SEO for e-commerce websites service can generate a list of LSI keywords from simple tools and the Content developer can use those to his/her advantage. A trend has been seen increasing on the use of Longtail Keywords as they help websites rank high up from the competition. There has been a surging rate of usage of such long-tailed keywords.

Create Ethical Backlinks

Backlinks are a very genuine way of making your website visible off-page. It is considered risky as people tend to overdo it and try to buy the backlinks that are considered unethical by Google Police. If you get off-page links from good websites where the content is relevant to be linked to the website it will definitely bring you more traffic. Try to drive traffic from bloggers or guest bloggers, who are developing content relevant to your website products or services and try to get backlinks from there.

We also have seen Sponsored links that help get more traffic to the website. But one needs to stay careful about it as it is an unethical way of backlinking.


Reviews are a perfect way to bring in more traffic to the website. Make sure you do not bomb the reviews. First of all, try to get as many genuine reviews as you can. Ask your customers to drop reviews on your website, Google Page, or Social Media accounts. Some website owners do go for paid reviews but you must stay careful there. It is a very important addition to an e-commerce SEO checklist.

It is challenging but what is sales without challenges.

Add Visual Content to blogs

Develop a good content with keywords and nice Visual content. The visual content is known to bring 400 times more engagement. Add a link to your website or landing page with a very enticing image. Once the audience clicks it they reach your landing pages increasing the traffic density and lead generation.

Improve the website loading speed

Having a fast loading website ensures that Google ranks it high without putting in too much effort. Google lays a strong focus on better user experience and a fast loading website is a vital aspect.

Keep meta relevant

Just to bring in audience to your page does not mean you can keep the meta irrelevant. If Google identifies that the website bounce rate is high due to the irrelevance of the meta to the products and services, it can negatively impact your website ranking.

Develop Long form content

A 500-word blog post will do no good to you. It will not have sufficient keywords to get your web page visibility nor can the content be very explanatory. With long-form blog post you basically earn credibility of knowledge and people tend to trust websites that deliver more knowledge to the customers. There are many avid readers out there who want to read more and more about the things of their interest.

These tips have been thoroughly tried and tested for many business domains and they have yielded good results, whenever followed consistently. To get more traffic on the website one must stay enthusiastic and work continuously to keep website ranking higher. The tactics will change every other day but some are there to stay forever.


BluEnt SEO Services is a consistent effort to keep pace with the changing landscape of search engines for e-commerce SEO 2018. Using ethical ways to build Search Engine Optimization that ensures ranking stability, we at BluEnt develop the most effective SEO strategy.

Get noticed by the potential customers to maintain a growing flow of traffic towards an e-commerce website development. We at BluEnt keep ourselves updated with all the SEO techniques that are required to help your website rank better than the competitors.

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