30 Jul 2018

Strategies for E-commerce Websites

In today's business world, the digitalization has changed the landscape of the businesses and hence, the e-commerce industry has seen a surplus growth in last few years. It has replaced the traditional brick and mortar system. Hence, many businesses are diverting towards the online platform to deliver their services or products.

In simpler terms, e-commerce is a business model that enables individual or firms carry out businesses through an electronic medium, especially internet. The emergence of smartphones has made easy and convenient for businesses as well as customers to transact across the world. 

The most vital part of E-commerce business is its website. E-commerce websites are the portals where customers can see and buy the products or services the particular e-commerce business is offering. Website is like an online store of the e-commerce enterprises. Initially, e-commerce was done through emails or phone calls but now every transaction are done with a single website.

Building an effective website is like achieving a milestone for the brand. By keeping current trends and techniques into consideration, businesses must stay up-to-date.

Effective Strategies that can let you Build User-friendly e-commerce Websites:

Below are the 9 marketing strategies for e-commerce websites that are trusted to grow a business:

  1. Content Marketing-

    Content is the core of a website. It is the content that will attract more clients to your website. Content marketing is an approach that is focused on creating and distributing strategic content in the form of blog articles, photos, videos, or any other forms of content to attract the customers' attention on your offerings. The content should be original, unique, relevant and interesting. The whole content must comprise 80% of informational content and 20% of the promotional content.

  2. Website Layout Development-

    After a website has been launched, the other essential element comes is optimizing website layout. The layout of the website must be such that once any customer visits your website it should simple, easy and clear for them to check out. The language, color combination, placements of the sections, must be chosen wisely, as they all play an important role in the layout of the website.

  3. Chat Support-

    To empower sales, providing chat support is a must added feature in a website. It is most convenient option for customers to communicate with the businesses. Having live chat feature on the website enables businesses provide the convenient answers that customers want. It can also help in converting a visitor into customer.

  4. Social Media Marketing-

    To convert the visitor into the customer, customer engagement is of vital importance. And hence, social media is one such tool that enables you to engage and communicate with your customers, industry and market in a personalized way. Social media marketing is one of such eCommerce marketing strategies which involves generating traffic, increasing reachability and developing a large number of customer bases. One should be actively involved in all other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. to engage and communicate with customers.

  5. Email Marketing-

    Emails now-a-days are the valuable tools to reach out the targeted customers. Email marketing is one of the effective forms of marketing that enables businesses to communicate their offerings in an effective and distinctive manner to their audiences. Care should be taken in drafting content of the emails, as it is the content that will affect customers' decision on your servings.

  6. SEO-

    The other effective process of affecting online visibility of website is eCommerce SEO strategies. It is about generating traffic from the free and organic search results on the search engines. SEO is a proven and trusted technique to generate more visitors to your websites. The content of the website must be relevant, rich, reliable and useful for the public to what they are looking for on search engines.

  7. Influencer Marketing-

    The involvement of Influencers in reaching out to public is been proved to be more impactful way to achieve effective results. Influencers being brand promoters are the ones who can build a reputation for your brand and have the potential to increase the popularity of your business. Influencers' engagement provides an image to your brand that people could refer to. Influencer marketing is important for your eCommerce business, as people follow an influencer because they consider them as their opinion leaders and they have a great relationship with them. Hence, people rely more on the products or services suggested by a well-known influencer.


E-commerce Website being an online store needs to be built effectively and in a user-friendly manner. The above strategies or business plan for your ecommerce store, if performed well, can get effective outcomes or results from it.

However, BluEnt craft ideas into solutions to deliver trusted marketing strategies for your ecommerce business. It offers services such as custom application development, enterprise mobile applications, business process automation, social media marketing (SMM), search engine optimization (SEO), big data management and analytics. From defining key strategies to achieving business objectives, developing enterprise software programs to managing critical IT initiatives, it is prepared to assist its customers in all the way.

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