07 Sep 2018

Ecommerce Website Design Strategies for Small Businesses

Innovative and creative eCommerce website design strategies can be the next big thing for your business. It can pave the way the way for eCommerce web design trends. Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

We've all had some encounters with eCommerce websites for a service or to buy something. You would have noticed that some of the websites were interesting, while others did not hold your attention. Why is this? What made one website interesting and the other one boring?

The ecommerce website design and the marketing strategy incorporated into it, is the main essence. Getting your business online is not just about developing an ecommerce website. It is all about the marketing strategy and user engagement. It is not easy, but it is not impossible either. It requires the right mix of marketing strategies with website design techniques.

What is an Ecommerce Website?

We've been talking about having an online presence and ecommerce website development. But what is an ecommerce website? An ecommerce website is a website through which you can trade. This means you can buy, sell and make monetary transactions.

You can list goods for sale on your website. Interested customers can buy these items directly from your website and pay online. They can select their mode of payment, and the money will be transferred to your bank account. To receive payments through your website you have a sign up for a payment gateway which is directly linked to your bank account. This is all part of the ecommerce web development services.

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The purpose of an eCommerce website is to enable people to book services or buy items directly from your website without having to visit a store. You can simply log on from your smart phone, tab or laptop and book a service or buy an item.

Ecommerce website

Why Ecommerce?

With the progress in technology the retail trends are evolving. It is imperative for a business to have an online web presence to survive in the changing economy. Setting up an ecommerce website is not such a big deal. There are numerous eCommerce web design templates to help you to get your retail business online.

Ecommerce for start-ups

There are few factors that are common to all small businesses especially start-ups. These are:

  • Budget constraints: Limited budget for ecommerce website development. The need for a start-up to go online is important. Ecommerce web design templates are helpful to get you started.

  • Time constraints: Need to get quick results. A small business survives on a small capital investment. If the business does not bring in returns within a short duration it is not able to hold out and sustain.

It is important to take advantage of the various different channels of free publicity to promote your ecommerce website. Social media is a great way to get the word around. One of the best strategies for ecommerce website design is to incorporate and leverage social media channels.

Why ecommerce

Devising a Strategy for your Ecommerce Website

Before you go ahead with ecommerce website development, the first step is to devise a marketing strategy. A good strategy begins by identifying your target audience. Once your audience is defined, you need to evaluate the best way to reach them.

Many businesses judge the performance of their website by the number of visitors. However, it is not the numbers, but the quality of visitors that matter. Getting the numbers is easy, but that is not going to help your ecommerce business. You get 40 visitors from around the country, but none of them buy anything. Then again, with a location specific marketing strategy, you get 5 visitors and 2 of them make a purchase.

What would you consider more valuable?

The ecommerce website design strategy defines the success of your online business. Of course the number of visitors your website attracts is important, but the quality of your visitors is more important. This means that your website should attract your specific target audience.

Once you are able to achieve this then the next step is how to engage your audience. This depends largely on your ecommerce website design. Are you using ecommerce web design templates which showcase your products in an attractive manner? Is your website easy to maneuver? Can a visitor find what they are looking for easily?

You can also consider common recommendations for eCommerce website design. Some of these are:

  • Neat and uncluttered websites are attractive.

  • You should include detailed product information and plenty of images. Customers are keen to see exactly what the product looks like and study the information before making a purchase.

  • Highlighting offers and deals is a great way to attract customers.

Your business requires website development services which is backed by a marketing strategy. It may take a while to align your website to attract the specific target audience and keep them engaged. Once you have this in place your online sales will automatically go up.

Developing an Ecommerce Website

There are many aspects to setting up an ecommerce website. To develop a successful ecommerce website you need to work together with your ecommerce website design company.

You identify your target audience. The web designer will install the required filters to reach the select audience. Why do you have to identify the target audience? Some people feel that the website designer should identify the audience. But, it is your business and you know best who your target customers are. The website designer is good at what they do, but have no idea about defining the target audience for a business they are not familiar with.

For a successful ecommerce website development, it is important to clearly understand what the website developer can do. This will help you to identify the areas where your input is required to help make the website successful. You do not need to tell the designer how to do their job, but you can assist them with information that can help make your website better.


Can you design your ecommerce website on your own? Yes you can. But if you want a Responsive Web Design with SEO and SMO – you need a professional ecommerce website design company.

The success of your ecommerce website depends largely on the ecommerce web development services you choose. BluEnt is an ecommerce website design company. We have a lot of experience in the area of helping start-ups setup their ecommerce website.

Your business can benefit greatly from our experience and expertise. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and get an idea of how we can work together.

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