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Top UI/UX Trends For eCommerce Websites

March 13, 2018
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What are the season's trends in building your eCommerce website? Read on to find out.

The internet and web designing has been some of the decade's top discoveries, and now are an indispensable part of our lives. Yet, we are always looking for more and more opportunities to develop ourselves.

Now with a new year stretched ahead of us, web designing has introduced some really amazing UX/UI trends to keep up with global competition and respond better to their clients. Though not all of these trends are super in-the-moment, they do play a role in a responsive eCommerce web design. Read on to see what these trends are all about, and what they promise. Email UsContact us to know more about Web Development Services +1 832 476 8459 Request for Services

UX/UI Trends eCommerce Website

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  • Focus on the content

    The actual content is the most important part of a UX design for e-commerce website since this is where you gain website traffic. The old and not-so-good option to cram up your website with content, while a smart content-based web design will help in building friendly relationships with your clients.

    Experiment with the themes, such as the Styler 2 Prestashop Theme, which is a clean, minimalistic yet sophisticated theme working with personal blogs and eCommerce sites. If you love to customize, you can use HTML 5, Bootstrap and CSS3 technology to add your creative touch.

  • Design Thinking

    Design thinking is a new addition to eCommerce UX trends as it uses systematic reasoning and logical strategies to provide user-friendly solutions according to their queries. Apart from solving clients' problems, this simple yet very effective tool also enhances the creativity of the website.

    A good example would be the Everest Multipurpose Prestashop theme that has a TM mega layout module and features and various color schemes to beautify your e-commerce website

  • Mobile-friendly layout

    Since mobile devices are the major sources for browsing the internet, web developers have developed a web design just for that. You can use the Magnetic- the most comprehensive multipurpose Magneto 2 theme, from where you can access marketing designs and simple-to-advanced design functions even on a mobile device.

    What's more, you can customize your website and give it a professional look, even without any programming skills!

  • Navigation

    The concept of UX designing basically makes your user experience simpler, smarter and efficient. A navigation tool works at the touch of a swipe, a click or a tap, and sometimes even through voice recognition.

    If you want to activate this really cool feature, go for the Trip Rev- Travel Responsive Prestashop Theme that gives a trendy look to your website. Its exciting features include the HTML5 code, the Twitter Bootstrap 3.x framework along with a navigation tool users can easily work with.

  • Visual appeal

    Speaking of UI design trends, no matter how content-based your website is, you need illustrations. Working with colors and different fonts, you can choose your own illustrations based on the topic and adding value to the content.

    Use the Athletic Sports Store WooCommerce theme if you're searching for a sporty, dynamic and stylish look complete with professional-looking illustrations.

  • Animation effects

    Let us taken illustrations to the next level through animation effects. Instead of just using pictures to break the monotony, include GIFs, full-screen videos, and cinemagraphs for extra information. In fact, static images are soon to be replaced with video content, which actually speaks more than a thousand words.

    A full-screen video will be more engaging, entertaining yet informative. If you want to, you can even customize the settings to add cute sound and awesome visual effects which will only enhance the user experience.

  • A breakthrough color palette

    E-commerce websites need to be vibrant and visually stimulating. Using a bright color palette, you can easily make your website stand out in the market. Although neon and fluorescents will mark the year, one can always choose lighter colors depending on the overall design.

    One can even combine the two color palettes together and create something unique and multi-dimensional. You shall also celebrate the return of the "gradient" element in your web design customization palette.

  • Attractive typography

    Coming back to content, typography will now be bigger and bolder and will come with an oversized headline. The purpose behind this is to spend less time searching and more time reading for the users.

    Inspired by the flat design trend, which focuses on minimalistic typography and no stylistic variety, this style allows clients to get more work done in a less amount of time. Though colors and designs are important, it's time for the text to come forward.

  • Borderless design

    Sleek borderless designs are the next big thing in e-commerce websites, which is why there will be no more grid-based layouts to enhance the storytelling experience. Thus, you can think out of the box and be original in your presentation.

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Developing and running an e-commerce has never been easier. Avail these state-of-the-art technologies and you're on the way to a successful and creative eCommerce portal.

BluEnt comes with many years of experience and a team of UX experts and creative designers, following a user-centered design for its clients. It works with a combination of visual appeal and well-organized content, along with a clean, contemporary and effective performance. Get in touch with the experts for detailed information.

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