13 Jun 2022

How Data is Shaking Up the Gaming Industry

How Data Is Shaking Up The Gaming Industry

Businesses in the gaming industry are increasingly making their strategic decisions based on big data. Gaming data is being used by gaming companies to disrupt the market and grow at an exponential rate.

According to Statista, global marketing in the gaming sphere is likely to increase to $268.8 billion in 2025 – up from $178 billion in 2021. While Asian regions are seeing rapid growth, North America is likely going to remain in the top spot in the global gaming market.

Dissecting Big Data in the Gaming Industry

In the last few years, the gaming business has enjoyed immense popularity thanks to the surge in smartphone consumers around the globe.

  • The games on phones mostly require only an internet connection with a decent speed and that itself is enough to offer a great gaming experience.

  • We have many gamers using mobile phones to play multiplayer games with their group of friends.

Companies have managed to procure a large amount of valuable gaming data which is received from various sources such as chat features and voice-chat support.

  • This data analytics in gaming industry has played a significant role in introducing exciting and unique functionalities after the intricate analysis of the data received.

  • There has been a massive increase in the number of free games that are available to users today. Of course, this allows several users to explore the game before they decide to purchase it to activate the premium features.

big-dataMultiple graphs and data on a laptop screen by Alesia Kozik

How Does Big Data Analytics in Gaming Work?

If you are still confused about what exactly big data is, let's briefly help you understand what it truly means in the business world.

Big data or superdata is a massive amount of both structured and unstructured data that is analyzed by companies around the globe to make intelligent and strategic business decisions.

The intelligent system is used to generate this data and identify glitches, concerns, and the way forward for every level of the game.

Big data analytics in gaming is responsible for monitoring, real-time tracking, and analysis of data received from the app and users. Here are a few ways in which it gathers the information.

  • If there are issues such as technical glitches occurring during the game, they get stored in the log files. The gamers also have the option to report this issue. This allows app developers to work and rectify this concern almost immediately.

  • There are specific tasks in the games that might be more difficult for the gamer to complete and others that might be way too easy.

    • Today it's simpler for developers to track these precise data points and make the required changes to the game for the users to stay hooked.

  • Most of the games that involve the multiplayer option allow seamless interaction between different players which gets recorded by the app or when players use the option save game.

    • Big data in these video games includes millions of interactions between the gamers.

    • This gaming data is analyzed and then used by developers to make the game more interesting, unique, and realistic over time.

  • Sentiment analysis is used to understand the complaints and problems that users are facing. The latter gets saved in the chats and voice messages by the gamers.

  • Data analytics in the gaming industry facilitates the creation of a lucrative monetization strategy for game developers.

    • The gaming data in this case includes all kinds of user data like the in-game options selected by gamers, in-app purchases made, or even when they aren't active on the game.

    • Analysis of this data helps in understanding explicit user behavior and helps the video game developers and companies to use targeted advertisements.

Big data is indeed becoming a game-changer and companies are deriving immense benefits from using AI and ML for big data analytics. Let's explore the advantages of big data analytics in gaming that are disrupting the market and giving businesses a competitive edge.

BenefitsTwo people using a phone by Kampus Production

Benefits of Gaming Data and Analytics

Spiking the lucrativeness of freemium games

  • The income derived from freemium games is based on the in-app advertisements and the premium features that are purchased by the gamers.

  • Using gaming data to increase the purchase of freemium games allow gaming developers and companies to make the business more profitable.

    • They can understand the player's patterns and behavior and make strategic decisions accordingly.

  • Big data analytics helps the designers, developers, and companies to understand what will motivate players to make feature upgrades.

  • The gaming business trusts the data analytics that is done through intelligent systems to gather precise insights.

Data analytics technologies make it profitable

  • The integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning for data analytics has proved to be quite transformative.

  • AI and ML's potential to identify the most intricate patterns and behavior of a player along with analyzing the efficacy of the promoted advertisements surpasses the work of experts.

    • This allows the game developers and companies to make the game supremely personalized and promote the 'right' advertisements.

Enhancing A screen showing scores with led light signage by Element5 Digital

Enhancing the UI/UX of the game

Gaming data incorporates the feedback that gamers leave on the in-game app. Data analytics from consumers' feedback help the designers to tailor the game design as per the gamer's liking and preferences which helps in boosting profits.

  • Businesses use predictive analytics and through predicting, tracking, and measuring the gamer's behavior, enhance the UI/UX of the game.

  • Predictive analysis also aids in classifying the newer trends and futuristic needs of a game and the players.

This allows the gaming companies to stay ahead of the curve by working on the upcoming changes in advance. Players enjoy an uninterrupted experience while playing the game which in turn increases their engagement level.

elevated A person holding a pen and working on a report by Tima Miroshnichenko

An elevated level of engagement and fair play

Gaming data analytics through an intelligent system assists in studying the consumer's patterns and behavior at a deeper level.

  • The design team can recognize which parts of the game are gaining popularity and which parts can be excluded in the next level.

  • They even work on decreasing or increasing the difficulty of a specific level to ensure players are hooked for a longer duration.

  • Cheat detection is another amazing benefit of analyzing big data in video games through various techniques. Gaming businesses have counteracted insincere practices to ensure fair play.

Gaming data and analytics have become transformative tools in the gaming industry. It helps companies to strengthen their strategies and make better decisions.


Are you in the gaming industry for the long run? Then you need to use all the available resources, information, and tools to their fullest potential to stay ahead of the curve.

Big data in gaming industry is becoming one of the most transformative implements that are easily accessible to every gaming organization in the market.

The successful process for a profitable gaming app development and enhancement involves unified collaboration, accurate gaming data, creativity, regulated planning, thorough execution, and an established app development company.

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