26 Nov 2018

What is the difference between UX and UI Design – Explained

The difference between UX and UI Design has become somewhat muddled. When these terms are used interchangeably, they refer to the same thing. But that is not so. UX and UI are not the same things. They are quite different.

The difference between UX and UI Design needs some explanation. When you talk about an app or a website having a great Use Interface (UI), it doesn't necessarily mean your will have a great User Experience (UX) as well. This statement probably just adds to your confusion? Can you actually have a great UI and a bad UX? Although the two are closely related they are not the same thing.

The UX and UI design are integral in many spheres of the digital world. These terms are used often, and usually confused. We are going to try and explain the difference between the two using simple and real life situations.

The UX and UI design is related to many aspects of the digital world including software, video games, websites, apps etc. It is difficult to avoid them, so it is better to understand them.

What is UX Design?

User experience can be best explained as – how the user feels.

An app, software or website invokes certain feelings and reaction in a user. Quite often when the web app or product meets the user's expectations - the experience is good. If the user does not enjoy using the product, it is referred to as poor user experience. For the success of a website, app, software or any other product, the UX Design is important.

UX design refers to the importance given to ensure that the user has a great experience while using the product.

Sometimes the user experience is influenced by external factors such as the frame of mind. But this can be altered with a great UI design. When the user sees something which appeals to them it creates a quest for something exciting. The UX design has to meet the expectations of what user is seeking. In retrospect, we see that UX and UI Design go hand in hand to deliver something worthwhile.

The UX design enhances the customer satisfaction level by improving the quality of interaction. It results in the feel-good factor.

What is UI design?

UI stands for the User Interface. The user interface is what the user sees when they open your website. It refers to the kind of interaction that a user has with the app or website. The user interface has to do with the layout, the option buttons, and the manner in which the product is able to interact with the user.

In simple language the user interface is the face of the app or website that the user sees. The factors which influence the UI are colors, graphics, fonts etc.

The UI Design has a major role to play in influencing the user experience. It is rare to have a good UX with a poor UI Design. The UX and UI design are interrelated and support each other. They are both equally responsible for making a great product.

The difference between UX and UI design

The User Interface and the User Design when referred to in a product, is very closely related. But that doesn't mean that they refer to the same thing. The difference is actually quite apparent. But we must note that the UI has an effect on the UX. This effect does not have a reverse application. The UX does not affect the UI. The UI is predesigned.

The UX and UI Design ambiguity have gone on for long enough. Let us take a look at some areas where the UX and UI design have an individual impact, but work together. This should help to give a clearer understanding of the two.

  • Visual appeal: The user experience focuses on how a user feels when using certain UI's. The UI focuses purely on visuals and presentation. These visuals are designed in a manner to make a user feel good and enhance the user experience.

  • Engagement level: The engagement level defines the user experience. Would you like to continue using an app that is complicated to understand and use? Most probably – you will not. You'll prefer to use an app that has a friendly user interface. When the UI design is good you have a good experience. Apps which have a good UX have a higher engagement level.

  • Interaction: The UI design has to initiate the interaction, but it is the UX design which carries it forward. The UI design displays the interactive buttons in an enticing manner, which in turn prompts the user to take further action. The type of interaction the user has with a product is defined by the UI Design, but the outcome is the user experience.

  • Sensory perception: Every visual or action is about the feel-good factor today. People do not want to waste their time and energy on things which do not please them. If something does not appear pleasing you will not get much response. A UX designer focuses on what the user enjoys while the UI designer focuses on how the app is operated.

  • Technology: The technology used for the product design depends on the UI designer. Everyone wants to have the latest technology as a part of their product design. Every technology doesn't suit every product. The UI designer determines which technology to incorporate into the UI to give the best UX.  At BluEnt we believe in giving our clients the option to choose the best website development solutions.

The user experience (UX) depends on the UI design. It is important to correlate the UX and UI Design for a product that will be acceptable.


When designing a product we have to give equal importance to the UX and UI design. We cannot focus on one and ignore the other. We have a UX and UI Design team who work in coordination. Each team focuses on their core responsibilities to ensure that a user has a great user experience as well as enjoys the interaction with the user interface.

How do people view your app or website in terms of the UI and UX design? Reviews play an important role in determining the success of a website or app. This also reiterates the need for a good UX design and good UI design. The UX and UI design depend on the developer. Always choose the best app development services to ensure your product success.

Every Business needs a product which has a UX and UI Design which cater to their requirements and their customer's needs. To find the perfect balance between UX and UI Design in your product you need BluEnt as your product developer. Get in touch with us for more information on the services BluEnt offers.

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