20 Nov 2018

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Apps are Going to Upbeat People’s Life

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) apps will undoubtedly offer a better future.

  • Artificial intelligence will completely change our world!

  • Artificial intelligence is growing a lot faster than expected.

Wherever you go, people are discussing AI either in a good or a bad way. Let's read about it and make your opinion.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

"Artificial intelligence" – a most popular buzzword which is thrown like a confetti at every possible opportunity, whether it is a tech startup pitch, a business conference or a blog like this one.

Before going further, let's understand (in the simplest way) what exactly is an artificial intelligence? When a computer system, computer-based application or a robot can think smartly as humans do, you are seeing an AI. Although we would like to explore that how artificial intelligence is inspiring the mobile app technology, we still need to understand every aspect of the story.

The Artificial Intelligence Apps are Changing the Mobile Technology Experience.

Do you think it's real?

Lately, AI technology has evolved the interaction level between humans and mobile devices. This involves a huge market ranging from transportation, retail, utility, travel, advertisement or telecom industry, in short, anything which needs people using smartphones. For example, AI is constantly working towards decreasing the understanding gap between chatbots and humans in chat conversations.

AI developers are working to make this technology answer just like any logical human being would. The first and foremost agenda for the AI engineers and developers is to create a technology which can solve problems rather than just imitating a human. On both Android and iOS platforms, the artificial intelligence is prevailingly being integrated into all kinds of mobile applications which have accelerated the decision-making time and raised the accuracy by gathering plenty of information. This seems like a revolutionary period where the technology's future would change and certainly towards the betterment of human species.

In the coming years, we will be witnessing the huge change in various industries who would opt AI for improving their services and strategies. Future versions of both Android and iOS mobile apps will have an evident integration of AI in their features and applications. However, the investors need to hire mobile app developers who will have a pragmatic knowledge of AI to achieve a successful AI based mobile applications.

Let's unravel the key changes artificial intelligence apps will bring to the mobile technology which would make people's life a lot easier.

  • More Advanced Search Engines: Search engines seem like a magical entity where you just need to open a browsing window, write whatever keywords and, the search engine would meticulously go through the ocean of information to give you the relevant content. It is truly a magic where an algorithm done by many innovative and brilliant people.Artificial intelligence is working on this nascent approach of searching using voice commands or dragging images into the search bar instead of the conventional way of simply typing the text.

  • Internet of Things (IoT): IoT can be defined as the number of devices that are embedded with the internet technology and this technology allows the smooth interaction and communication within the devices.It isn't surprising that IoT has become one of the popular things today because it is making people's life convenient and easy. Mobile applications play a role in monitoring and controlling these devices.With the use of various devices through the internet, the mobile applications can also send push notifications directly at your smartphone devices and you can control such gadgets from the remote location as well. IoT is going to revolutionize the mobile app development and will introduce a category called IoT apps. Such applications of artificial intelligence will have several features like sensors, connected devices, networking, cloud, and networking. These salient features would combine and create new applications serving a significant purpose.

  • Better Camera Quality: Artificial intelligence apps for camera do the major part in the photography which previously dependent on the human photographers entirely. The professional photographers have studied to control the image processing, camera setting, automatic shutter speed and exposure, color depth, saturation and a lot more other technical aspects of the camera which are mandatory for that "perfect click".The AI camera does all the above functionalities without requiring you to understand the science behind that killer shot. AI allows the camera to do an automatic scene recognition as you fixate it in the desired direction and it further automatically alters the settings around the scene for the final picture.AI has to identify the scene type, adjust lighting in like milliseconds, color adjustments and adding some great effects for that final image.

  • AI Boosts Real-Time Language Translation: There are so many language translation applications that are available today which often allow the user to click an image of the written sentence and then translate it from one language to another language.Majority of these applications refer to the internet for analyzing and converting the text in the desired language.With the AI integration, your mobile phone will have the power of translating a variety of languages in real-time without requiring the internet connection.

  • Face Unlock Technology: Face unlock feature in the mobile phones was introduced by iPhone X and it has become a popular feature in mobile technology. Apple uses the artificial intelligence-based algorithms for developing its Facial identification unlocking mechanism.An AI system identifies the face of the defined user to create a secure locking mechanism with the help of premium hardware.It is predicted that, in the future, we are going to witness that the majority of mobile app developers would be adopting the face unlocking feature using AI technology. A smartphone would easily be able to recognize the user's face even with the facial changes like wearing spectacles, random expressions, or beard.

  • Smarter Authentication: AI handles a huge responsibility of cybersecurity. With the burgeoning advancement of technology and smartphones, it has become the mandatory need of the hour to secure the data floating in the cyberspace.With the use of AI, the issues and concerns related to the data security have been decreased by sending alerts to the users about potential threats and errors based on the user behavior.


Artificial intelligence apps have the strong potential to gather, store and process the real-time data, and implement in various mobile applications to cater the personalized experience to the users. The artificial intelligence future is smart for smartphones with the advancements of AI and the mobile industry would reap the fruits. BluEnt is a mobile app development company with a diverse presence around the globe. We also have an office in New York City for maintaining the customer experience at its par. We believe that acceptance to change opens up lot many doors for success. So, let's hear out your idea.

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