16 Jan 2023

A Fresh Look at How HR Portal Development Can Rejuvenate Your Business

The HR portal plays a vital role for any company that is expanding quickly, requires more employees, or needs internal processes to be automated.

The use of HR portals has a favorable impact on employee performance. In the past, it has proved to be more impactful for bigger firms that had to onboard many new hires.

47% of large businesses worldwide said they had an on-site, licensed human resources management system in the year 2019, states Statista

Today, all kinds of businesses find HR portals a boon to running internal processes successfully. So, regardless of whether you are a funded start-up or a mid-sized business, it has become necessary to digitize to make processes simpler and less time-consuming.

In this blog, we will talk about why an employee HR portal is the way forward and how HR portal development can boost your business.

The HR Portal: An Overview

Did you know that the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system introduced in the late 1970s served as a forerunner to the human resource management system (HRMS)? HRMS is seen as being more concentrated and coherent than ERP.

The HR portal is a gateway devised to make it easier for employees to find important organizational data under one roof. This maintains a crucial level of visibility and transparency throughout the firm.

  • The human resource information system (HRIS) portal stores an extensive range of information and materials, including paperwork, worker information, absenteeism, number of staff, and even birthdays and anniversaries.

  • It digitizes certain administrative processes, which in turn decreases the load on HR and makes room for more creative or significant undertakings.

  • Employees and HR both have direct access to every piece of information through the HR portal.

  • Everyone in the company can quickly access the information they need, saving time on contacting multiple coworkers or postponing work owing to delays in gathering relevant information.

Is HRM Portal a Practice or a Solution?

Using the HRM portal, HR teams manage crucial organizational information ensuring the important ones are constantly visible, delegate duties to the pertinent employees, and monitor all the reports.

Additionally, process automation aids in overcoming any corporate difficulties. This is where HR portal development is seen as a solution. A few key features include:

  • Collecting and monitoring HR data to fully understand the workforce capabilities.

  • Setting project priorities helps prevent inefficient resource distribution and scheduling.

  • Asking the fresh recruitment to fill talent gaps and meet deadlines for projects

According to Statista, the HR technology market was dominated by the employee administration, management, and payroll division as per the survey done in 2019. By 2025, due to coronavirus and lockdowns, it is expected that the market share of the engagement and connectivity division would rise by 14.5%.

The advantages of using the HR self-service portal make it both a practice and a solution. Here are 3 core benefits that can revamp any business and take it to newer heights.


The ability to increase productivity and adeptness via self-service is one of the key advantages. It immensely benefits the HR team and the employees.

Using the HR gateway, make communication and other activities simpler and quicker. Employees use the dashboard to make updates to the registered data and HR approves them immediately.

2-Responsibility and accountability

The HR staff and employees both have access to the same HR site. The dashboard gives them a clear breakdown of the tasks assigned and when they are expected to deliver.

This helps them to plan their workday to ensure everything is completed and submitted as per the requirement.

3- Visibility and transparency

The HRM portal aids in building a dependable layer of openness throughout the organization. It provides access to all pertinent data like corporate policy. It is constantly kept up to date by the HR personnel.

No one is left confused and there is no need for complicated processes to know everything about the company.

Ways an Employee HR Portal Can Transform Your Business

Important information is accessible to one and all

Another name for an HR portal is the employee self-service (ESS) system. Every employee in the organization can conduct independent HR transactions on this secure website. They all have access to it on multiple devices including mobile phones or tablets.

Building a talented workforce

  • It takes a lot of work to hire people. This is where a portal can accomplish a lot of things pertaining to the recruitment process.

  • An HRIS portal covers everything from writing job descriptions and publishing them online to selecting relevant applicants and running background verifications.

From talented applicants to multi-skilled employees

One of the fundamental functions of using human resource software is addressing and managing the team's professional development.

  • It assists in keeping track of the administration and creation of training programs, periodically updating multimedia information materials, attendance, and time management.

  • Statista states that employee skill growth was a significant aspect for human resources specialists in 2021 to target and initiate. According to a global study piloted in 2020, it was crucial to concentrate on finding new skills and harnessing individual competencies in alignment with post-epidemic operations as the employees were working remotely throughout the pandemic.

  • The HR gateway is also used for notifying the workforce of any changes made to the schedule, the shifts assigned to them, holidays, etc.

    • It even keeps track of employees who are absent or doing overtime. This helps in measuring performance, tackling gaps in the system, and staff disengagement.

Leaving room for engagement and creativity

  • When the processes are a lot more streamlined, things are structured and organized for the employees, it makes their life simpler.

  • Even for managers, it minimizes the tedious job of follow-ups, constant supervision, and keeping a close check on all employees and projects.

  • HR portal makes it possible for everyone to share data, documentation, assignments, and information in an entertaining, customized, and profile-centric manner.

Cutting down unnecessary time, cost, and energy

It’s an HR self-service portal that makes the workflow smooth, saving everyone’s energy and time, and of course money!

  • The use of a keyword-sensitive portal saves time spent looking for issues.

  • Employee portals foster a more productive digital workstation because happier, more organized, and united teams are a boon for businesses.

  • They streamline HR processes and make them more enjoyable for staff members, ensuring that they are content and engaged.

The potential for exceptional managers

It's incredible how better oversight boosts efficiency. With access to more accurate information, managers can make more effective decisions.

Here’s how an HR portal makes a manager’s work more streamlined and stimulating.

  • Make sure staff members sign crucial paperwork.

  • Limit overtime but still meet productivity target

  • Organize materials for training and workshops in one place.

  • Recognize employees who perform exceptionally well and reward them

  • Administrative tasks are automated, so more time is spent fostering employee success.

An HR portal is a boon for every company. They drastically reduce administrative redundancy and superfluous practices while providing. In other words, everybody wins.


An HR portal can ease the burden of routine HR tasks and enhance the uniformity of HR procedures inside your organization.

Developing a custom HR portal requires one to understand a few special features based on the needs and requirements of the company.

Our all-inclusive HR solution enables a variety of features including quick access to information, a gateway for work assignments, and enhanced transparency on issues like attendance, company guidelines, etc. BluEnt offers both basic and comprehensive HR software solutions.

You can browse through our case studies to know more about our software development undertakings and technology and development solutions.

Get in touch today to see how implementing an HR portal can be life-changing for your employees and business.



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