05 Dec 2017

5 Ways To Improve Employee Engagement On Intranet

There are many rules, strategies and routes to success when it comes to the corporate world. However, one that has been gaining more awareness and significance over the years is ‘employee engagement’.

Many studies have been conducted to understand the importance of workforce engagement. “According to one of the oldest Harvard Business Review, 2013, 71% of executives consider employee engagement to be a vital factor in business growth.

The mantra is as follows - Every type of organization, be it big or small, benefit the most from a higher level of employee engagement.  An increased level of engagement helps in enhancing and supporting the organization’s values, goals and mission statement.”

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An intranet is not a website but an application. An app that is like a social network application enabling one to stay connected to people.

The company web portal should incorporate social networking, activity streaming, gamification capabilities, document management, search applications et al. In the corporate world, a brilliantly created intranet can address the business needs flawlessly by facilitating peer-to-peer collaboration and employee participation. 

 According to BluEnt’s professionals, there are various ways to achieving this kind of engagement. If an intranet can offer effective internal communication channels such as live chats, message boards, blogs etc. it can help the employees be more productive and innovative.

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Through intranet, employees from different locations get a chance to connect, which helps in providing frequent updates on the accomplishment of corporate initiatives, goals and changes in corporate strategy around the globe.

4 nifty ways to increase and improve employee engagement using a potent corporate intranet

Work on improved communication channels:

Employees always want to feel valued and significant in any type of organization. They want to know the difference they are making to the business and its growth.

With effective communication channels, this is achievable as it initiates collaboration and company-wide interaction that help employees at multiple levels to feel how integral they are to the growth and success of the organization. Using rich medium such as audio and video communication channels can give way to a new way of interacting with the staff.

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It can lay out a platform for businesses to use these channels in a more effective way. It gives great opportunities to organizations to communicate significant and useful information to the employees. For example, podcasts that include training materials or news reports or even amusing facts can be widely appreciated by employees.

Create a content-rich search application:

Information is a staple of any type of business. Intranet needs to have this utility under its wing, as this is one feature that the workers will want to make use of to the fullest.

The information architecture and library has to be effectively designed and created for employees to find the right kind of matter. From relevant keyword matches to highlighting texts to filtered and faceted search results - will make the search application more comprehensive and useful.

There are several kinds of content (in form of blogs/ newsfeed /audio /video etc.) that can motivate employees from all levels to interact and engage at a higher level - business articles to work tips to a read just for fun.

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The workers should have the freedom to share relevant and appropriate content that of course should adhere to the organization’s guidelines.

A news feed on the intranet can enable them to discuss their personal views, stay up to date with document or content posts etc. and this can drive a greater level of engagement.

Take the automation of the business process to the next level:

When we talk about workforce engagement and a worker’s relationship with the organization – it is at all levels. This also includes the administration or the management level.

So, intranet develops a greater level of engagement and more ROI when the business processes are more streamlined, actionable and automated beyond the basic level on it. Intranet can integrate processes such as employee invoice management, travel and expenses reimbursement,

Personal time off request etc. Some companies today already have separate applications available for the same however intranet can still act as a portal giving secured access and signing in options to these external tools.

Lastly, don’t compromise on the entertainment value:

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ - This saying we have learned in our early days falls truly in every aspect of our lives. Even business. A sense of humour can create that balance that workers need in order to be more productive and creative.

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Though a professional boundary needs to be maintained, any amusing content can help in boosting their morale and inspiring positive thoughts about their work.

There is indeed a lot that goes into creating a successful intranet that keeps your workforce motivated and engaged.

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