10 Sep 2018

E-learning Apps for Employees: What You Need to Know

You know who makes your money?

Your employees.

That's why they should have only the best training programs. 

Education and learning is an endless process that is key to an individual and an organization's successful journey. Training/Learning programs have been a part of every corporate firm for eons.

However, technological innovations have been changing the way these programs are imparted. E-learning mobile apps have taken the industry by a storm.

Engaging the employees in the e-learning process can be a daunting task. The e-learning strategy needs to be defined with great clarity and precision to enable a smooth delivery of the learning process. The design of the e-learning mobile applications isn't an easy task as a lot of factors facilitate the success of a platform.

The e-learning mobile apps need to motivate the employees to perform better. You know the e-learning application has helped in accomplishing something once you measure the effectiveness and learning outcomes of these apps. When designing the e-learning application for iOS and Android there are a few significant factors that you need consider.

The questions that BluEnt e-learning application developer need you to answer before even designing the perfect e-learning mobile application are

  • What are you trying to achieve through the e-learning apps?

  • What are your organizational goals?

  • How are the e-learning apps for business going to assist you in meeting these goals?

Once there is clarity on this, the mobile app developers at BluEnt can help you design an e-learning app that will meet the needs. Working on learning objectives will help in acquiring the desired learning outcomes.

Do you know that the organizational structure has been undergoing a huge change since the influx of millennials? To understand who your employees are and chalking out their personas will help you and the design team to deep dive into how to design the e-learning app.

You need to make the e-learning app useful and effective. Hence, knowing your employees' education level, their interests, how they spend their time, their preferred mode of communication et al will enable us to design the app that is beneficial and valuable to your employees. Relevancy is a fundamental attribute to an app's success.

If you have employees that prefer to use the application when on the go, then providing offline viewing can be a big hit. The Moodle App, which is designed for both iOS and Android offer this feature.

Making e-learning interactive is what will keep the employees more engaged and the knowledge retention will be higher. Studying the latest e-learning trends will help in using formats and techniques that will keep the learners more involved. The current developments insinuate that more of audio/videos/slide presentations/interviews from experts/personalized learning experiences will gather a higher level of interest.

Skill Pill app allows one to provide bite-sized training videos for the learners. The gamut of topics includes customer service, to management, to sales and marketing et al. These topics can be mixed and matched to offer a unique course per learner.

Even BoostHQ is a perfect example here! It is a free content sharing app that allows the employers to select the content that they want to share with their employees. It even enables the employees to then share relevant content with other employees. Though permission needs to be acquired for the same.

Hence, in order to build an app that works for your employees, you need to outline clear objectives. This will enable our e-learning mobile app developers to design an app which is effective and enables your employees to gain the most out of it.

E-learning apps can be a very powerful medium to enable your employees to 'learn' on the job and perform better. The benefits are endless and if you are still wondering what these apps can do for your business then let's take a look at few outstanding benefits.

  • E-learning mobile apps are quite accessible!

    The programs on the app are available 24/7 and today's generation couldn't have asked for more. Plus having all the information under one roof? An icing on the cake!

  • Learn when you want, where ever you want!

    There is no fixed schedule. Each employee is free to access the programs and courses whenever they plan to. They can go at their own pace, take their time to learn and use the format that works best for them!

  • Way more engaging than ever!

    There are various formats available online and hence giving your employees options to choose from. The interactive media on e-learning mobile applications include screen shots, videos who prefer visuals as it aids retention, audio explanations for those who don't want to read and even simulations for practical skills.

  • E-Learning Apps for business offers in-depth learning experiences

    The e-learning app delivers a more wide-ranging, comprehensive and an exhaustive learning experience. Through the multiple presentations available the employees get to learn everything in extensive details.

Let's face it… because of the changing work culture and employees coming from different backgrounds, executing learning programs can be a task. However, with technological advancements, e-learning mobile applications is one of the most unique ways of allowing employees to get trained, learn new things and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in their fields.

Learning is a never-ending process and even Obama has something new to learn every day.

To build a company that incorporates the most knowledgeable employees is what is most commendable and to keep pace with endless developments and harness your employee's creativity and skills is what can give you a competitive edge. The way to achieve this is to custom mobile applications! Connect with our e-learning application developers to know more about our valuable services.

Maximum Value. Achieved.



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