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What Really Lead Scoring Does?

You can't just pick up a database of 50000 phone numbers and start calling or emailing all of them. Well technically, you can but it costs disaster and a brand image wipe off. Plus, you don't know who is interested in which service or product of yours. If you have a big portfolio of services and products, then you cannot be bombarding potential customers with a gazillion emails and calls. Lead scoring helps you in identifying who (prospect) should be sent what and when. You gather a clear idea about who out of these 50000 people should you be calling primarily or do not call at all.

It like a set of ground rules that catalyze your efforts by prioritizing the information gathered and lets you focus on the right lead which later passed off to the sales department for more intense engagement. It tells you what the customer potential interest area is. Email Us Know more about BluEnt's Lead Scoring E-mail:sales@bluent.net
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Our clients want us to architect the solution either by the point-based system or by categorizing them into hot, cold or warm based on the interaction history. Potential factors for regulating lead score usually are based on the behavioral activities of the web page, demographics and focus on the specific areas of services or products. Sales department takes care of the prospects who show more interest in their services by frequent interaction and absolutely fit the criteria, whereas marketing department nurtures the leads which might be interested but sitting at the initial stage of the interaction.

How Lead Scoring Solution Would Do Wonders for Your Business

Do you think it is difficult to gather prospect's information in this digital era? Today B2B companies can collect data of potential customers conveniently, but all they need to know is to play their cards right. Lead scoring untangles your sales or marketing agendas like never before and it proves to be a mandatory part of your lead management ritual. BluEnt assists you in identifying your time-worthy prospects by designing the best-fit lead score solution for your products or services.

Lead scoring allows businesses to provide a prospect 'specific' experience based on their interest stage and engaging activities. This immensely improves the quality of leads and increase the conversion rate by leaps and bounds.

How Does It Help?

  • If the lead score is high, the conversion chances go higher too.
  • It notifies the time. The lead score is determined by the activity of the lead on a content item such as blogs, press releases, service pages or ongoing adverts on the website. If there isn't any activity, the score would fall which indicates the need for new strategies or ideas.
  • Cold lead can be worked on individually using lead nurturing.
  • The salespeople can prioritize their actions such as calls, or e-mails based on the lead score.

Let's get to work and convert those adamant leads on time.

Translate Lead Management development into an experience.
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Right from architecting your app strategy, to prototyping; from app designing and development to testing – and app launch – we diligently recommend the framework and follow the processes to give you the ultimate user experience. Let's chat and understand your business objectives - and the purpose of developing an app. Lead Management DevelopmentKnow more about BluEnt's Lead Management Development Services E-mail:sales@bluent.net
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