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Innovation in Information Technology now allows you to access customers and organizations around the world irrespective of time, location and language barriers. Business-to-Business (B2B) transactions refer to electronic transactions between business organizations, their employees and suppliers. It also entails the marketing activities of one organization aimed at other businesses as opposed to consumers and customers. 

B2B e-commerce solutions facilitate the business transaction without any hassles of shop fronts, rent, overheads, and staffing. Leveraging the seamless of the Internet, E-commerce or B2B solutions can streamline and simplify business processes such as order management and inventory tracking while reducing human intervention and improving customer service.

BluEnt focuses on creating solutions for enterprises to harness the knowledge, expertise, and efficiency generated by information technology. Successful implementation of B2B solutions has provided our clients with a larger canvas to find and communicate with suppliers and customers.

Get the best prices for products, attract better suppliers, create more areas for expansions and communicate freely with B2B solutions from BluEnt. We believe in working with our clients while working for them. BluEnt's B2B E-commerce solutions aim at implementing business methods developed by your organization from the experience you have garnered over the years of operation. Hence, the business experience remains yours and the IT expertise is our forte.

We offer our clients an array of B2B e-commerce solutions, from designing and developing an E-commerce web portal to custom application development including the database of products and product information, shopping carts, order processing, payment gateways etc. Our team at BluEnt develops end-to-end B2B solutions for organizations across varied industries seeking to launch and maintain a commendable online presence. Well versed with the latest in technologies and platforms, we assure you to provide solutions that cater to the individual needs of your business organization and are abreast with the latest technological innovation. If this service resonates with your business requirements, you should contact us immediately.

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BluEnt's Maximum Value. Achieved promise boxBluEnt's "Maximum Value. Achieved" promise box

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Right from architecting your app strategy, to prototyping; from app designing and development to testing – and app launch – we diligently recommend the framework and follow the processes to give you the ultimate user experience. Let's chat and understand your business objectives - and the purpose of developing an app. OutsourcingKnow more about BluEnt's Outsourcing Services
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