Audio Video and Desktop Sharing for Healthcare

Nowadays audio, video and desktop conferencing are widely used in the healthcare sector for its strong communication and scheduling technology. It offers multiple advantages such as instant patient care, emergency scheduling of healthcare appointments or collaborative surgeries.

We are living in the technological industry filled with unicorns who are constantly working on new innovations. Believe us! Audio, video or desktop sharing in the healthcare industry has made human lives easier (literally) whether it's for the patient, doctor or any healthcare institution.

A feature in an app where you can view or listen to the other side literally shrinks the miles. We have a team of developers and Audio Video app specialists who have the right skill set to create a never-before experience.

Worldwide, people are looking for the mediums like healthcare mobile apps or web apps which would provide live online chats, audio or video calls, recording and much more.

Some of the Benefits of Audio Video and Desktop Sharing in the Healthcare Industry:

  • It saves travel time and cost for the patients.
  • It allows medical care to reach more people.
  • It improves the chances of remote medical training around the world.
  • It assures 24*7 availability.
  • It allows doctors and surgeons to record, view and emulate medical surgeries.
  • It helps in diagnosing and treating the stroke patients sooner.

This is the one door which hasn't been explored completely and BluEnt is here to guide you with that. Our team has experience in creating healthcare tools and we have created an innovative healthcare app for some of our clients.

The Key Features of Healthcare Tools Should Be:

  • Desktop Sharing
  • Desktop Conferencing
  • Instant Report Sharing
  • Audio Video Streaming
  • Audio Video Recording
  • Auto-create a meeting synopsis pdf report for the doctors
  • Chatting or Group Chatting
  • Joining Multiple Guests

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