10 Oct 2022

Top Tips to Increase Shopping Website Traffic

How to increase website traffic to stay afloat in the market has probably been one of the brainstorming topics for most online businesses. Why?

Statista claims that with about five billion people using the internet across the globe, internet usage is growing quickly. As a result, more and more individuals are willingly and unhesitatingly making transactions on eCommerce platforms.

The global value of online sales topped $5.2 trillion in 2021, and in the years to come, this sum is only anticipated to increase.

This explains why driving traffic post website development has in fact become extremely crucial for any eCommerce business to survive in the market today and is being given more importance than analytics and conversion.

In this blog, we will take you through the most contemporary techniques and strategies that can help you learn more about how to attract traffic to your website.

How to Increase Website Traffic: What it Means

The website traffic represents the complete sum of visitors coming to the eCommerce site.

Website traffic analytics include information on how the visitors interact with the platform, engage with the content, and make purchases, as well as the number of pages viewed.

  • Monitoring the traffic on your eCommerce website is crucial if you want to know how well it is doing with the targeted audience.

  • Any work your team does on the site won't be worthwhile if no one visits it or engages with the stuff you post.

  • Tracing the total visits on your website which also incorporates the new users, sessions, and pages seen each session are some of the techniques to gauge the popularity of your brand and platform.

What a lot of entrepreneurs and businesses don’t know is that there are several ways to increase website traffic onto the site. These strategies include content marketing, search engine optimization, and even influencer marketing.

We will now look at how to drive traffic to your eCommerce store through modern, innovative, and impactful strategies.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website: Tips and Strategies

We've compiled a list of tactics, which include paid and free options, that you and your team can utilize to drastically boost traffic on your eCommerce platform.

When you are looking for answers to how to increase website traffic, rolling out any kind of strategy requires planning. There are quite a few activities that cannot be implemented without prior extensive planning whereas some can be carried out quickly.

Let’s explore the different strategies!

The process that rarely fails: SEO

Google has become one of the most dominant search engines for every kind of consumer to look for products. The same goes for your target clients. It’s a matter of figuring out how your brand can get to the highest rank amongst the eCommerce stores selling the same products.

If you are looking for an answer to how to increase website traffic organically, SEO is one of the best ways!

  • SEO, a methodology known as search engine optimization, is what is currently being used by companies globally to appear in the search results of the Google engine.

  • The goal of this search engine optimization process is to increase traffic by positioning your company website higher in a catalog of relevant results on Google.

  • Metadata is one of the ways of meeting SEO requirements. It includes the slugs, page headers, short descriptions, and headers. The optimization of every page on your website including the product and service page is mandatory.

  • After your team includes the succinct sentences in the metadata for your company’s website, a connection is made between your audience and the keywords used.

Climbing the SEO ladder requires patience. Despite the efforts you put into this, you need to remember that getting a placement at the top of the page may take some time.

A social media presence

Engaging with your target market is one of the key aspects of building an eCommerce brand. People are pretty active online, and it is through social media that you can connect with them effortlessly.

A survey conducted in the recent past showed results determining that 50.64% of the world's 7.82 billion inhabitants are active on social media, irrespective of their age or level of internet connection.

Working on a social media strategy is simple. To begin with, you need to first choose the channel that you and your team think will work best for your company.

  • Determine which platforms are suitable for your eCommerce company before you start designing and planning the marketing strategies which can reap benefits.

  • After you've made a decision, you can begin creating the editorial schedule and distributing the material and content. Make sure the content, lined with SEO, will be relevant for your target customers. This will eventually drive visitors to the company’s website.

  • Remember that the primary goal of social media is to build a community that supports your brand. You can do this through social media by participating in discussions, responding to direct messages and comments, and interacting with others.

If you are looking for how to increase website traffic for free, this channel has been the most beneficial! You can accomplish your goal of increasing website traffic by just following the steps mentioned above.

Engaging superior-quality content

A fantastic winning content marketing strategy to increase traffic to the company’s site is to feed interesting, high-grade material.

  • The content should be relevant, and it can include addressing questions that your visitors or users have, or you can even offer a fix for a particular issue that they have been facing.

    • When you do this, you will be able to establish the authority and authenticity of your brand and institute your company as a market leader.

  • Furthermore, your efforts to optimize your website via SEO might be aided by producing original, engaging, and useful content.

    • SEO efforts will also help in getting to the highest rank on search engines giving you a more prominent position in the industry.

  • You need to ensure that the content material you provide is simple to read and comprehend.

    • For instance, let’s take a sub-header used on blog posts or the website. The sub-headers play a significant role, it makes it simple and quick for readers to get the information they need.

  • Also, publishing worthwhile and helpful material might enhance the possibility of consumers revisiting your website repeatedly. It will also pave the way for visitors and readers to be aware of the value, reliability, and authenticity of your information.

Emails can do wonders

How to increase traffic to your website? Email is one of the proven methods of driving traffic. Email marketing may be a potent outreach instrument that helps you direct, educate, and get visitors and potential buyers to certain defined product or service pages on the company’s website.

Remember, these are people who want to hear from you. You can use both promotional emails or newsletters to draw your consumer’s attention to any event or sale or even a new product launch!

In both situations, your team can utilize data-driven segmentation of the curated list of addresses to target the groups most likely to respond to customized offers or newsletter emails.

Ads promote everything!

You need to use SEO to generate traffic organically. However, with ads, you need to pay Google or platforms like Facebook to reach out to the intended demographic.

  • Digital advertising is most often directed to incredibly precise audiences and segmented by gender, education, hobbies, and age, on media channels like Instagram and Facebook.

  • The information you gain through data analytics which gives a complete understanding of the website activity of the visitors is immensely valuable.

    • Data including which pages or goods your consumers or potential buyers searched for and when makes it simple for the brand to create and administer the advertising to consumers who are actively looking for the kind of products you offer.

    • Facebook pay-per-click marketing has become indispensable for companies looking to increase their target market.

  • You and your team can design the appropriate and relevant sales strategy and promote it via Google and Facebook. Before you even realize it, your potential customers will rush to your website in search of a great bargain.

    • The audience will react regardless of whether the promotion is set up to coincide with the upcoming Christmas season or even when you launch the campaign without a specific reason.

Influencer outreach strategy

An easy strategy to boost eCommerce traffic and attract younger audiences is by establishing ties with social media influencers. Did you know that Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram currently have one of the highest impacts and active users?  

YouTube has 2.5 billion users and has established itself as a unique channel in the online sphere where independent content producers, bloggers, and vloggers are prospering.

Therefore, planning an influencer outreach strategy can be extremely impactful.

  • Influencers in the industry are keen to contribute materials that their beloved fans will enjoy. There are several ways for companies to interact with them.

  • If your article or blog post or design makes use of the influencer's material or research, include their name, and tag them in that specific social media post.

  • When the influencer's content or research is published, you can check with the influencer and request an interaction with them via live video, etc. They will most probably share relevant information about your company with their followers.

  • Influencers can also be paid to publish sponsored content on their media profiles and other networks.

Remember these are just a few ways and strategies to increase your shopping website traffic whether you are looking for how to increase organic traffic on website or how to increase website traffic using paid options. If you use the aforementioned advice and techniques frequently, they will be quite beneficial.

The Internet is always developing, and eCommerce is growing exponentially as well. By putting these strategies into practice, you can be confident that your eCommerce website will be able to generate traffic and draw in new clients right away.


Which strategies or tips are best for you ultimately depends on your unique demands, goals, and purpose.

Of course, whether you are a small or a large firm, you can work on generating traffic to your shopping store by combining these strategies and customizing them to your own needs.

Instead of attempting to implement all tactics at once and becoming overwhelmed, it is advisable to begin gently using a solid strategy and scale it up or down depending on the specific goals and purpose.

If you are looking to create a new website for your eCommerce platform or looking to revamp the current one using SEO and other relevant strategies hiring a web developer is essential. Don’t forget that eCommerce website development requires systematic SEO strategy, collaboration, and thorough execution.

If you are looking to build a secure and user-friendly website, BluEnt’s website development services, and expertise are at par with global standards.

We're only a click away if you need a complete web solution.

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