02 Mar 2021

How Content Optimization Will Help Your Content Marketing Strategy

How can content optimization help in your content marketing strategy?

Content marketing is more complicated than writing a couple of blog posts and raking in followers.

You need to realize the importance of content optimization, including meta descriptions, keywords, creative ideas, a solution to writer's block, impeccable spelling and grammar and staying at the top of the competition. They are all an integral part of a successful marketing strategy.

The first rules of Search Engine Optimization content writing are to keep things simple, to the point, in the active voice and informative. Even a digital marketing agency can find this difficult.

Some quick stats, collected by HubSpot:

  • 80% of video marketers claim that video use has increased sales.

  • The average cost per lead is around $200.

  • On average, organizations receive 1,800 leads, 470,000 website visitors, and 300 new customers every month.

  • For building brand awareness, email marketing is ranked as the second-most effective medium.

  • The top-performing articles in the marketing industry are greater than 5,600 words long.

  • Three-quarters of Americans are now familiar with podcasts.

  • Average shares by content type is highest for infographics, followed by lists and "why" posts.

Benefits of Content Optimization

  • Adds value to your marketing

    For those who are wondering why content optimization is important – it adds value to your work. You need to know what is content optimization in SEO, and how to fetch followers.

    The search engine on the Internet ranks the quality of material on the basis of importance and relevance. The secret to great content marketing is not just writing great content, but sharing it as well.

  • Links you to other material

    If other websites find your content useful and thought-provoking, they will direct their traffic your way.

    SEO campaigns are highly dependent on backlinks, which are high-quality secondary links relevant to the original topic.

    It's easier said than done. Well-known websites and blogs look for brilliant, engaging content, and unless you provide them with something unforgettable, your content will not be shared. Make sure your SEO specialist is accomplished enough to get you these backlinks.

  • Text optimization

    Content writers know certain techniques that can attract the traffic your way, such as:

    Title tags – Title tags inform the audience about the content of the page in a few words and are used in both social media and search engines to explain the idea of the page if someone shares any content.

    Meta descriptions – A meta description is a short description of a particular post. It explains the purpose of the post and includes keywords to generate extra attention. It is important to keep your meta descriptions short, that is, no more than 160 characters.

    Meta keywords – Meta keywords are relevant words used in the content to increase search engine traffic.

  • Keeps you visible

    Content optimization helps your content show up in the top search engine results. SEO is your key in such cases for the ideal content marketing strategy.

  • Builds relationships in the content marketing community

    Your content creates assurance in the minds of people, be it be a blog post or a simple online review for a product or service.

    Search engine optimization content writing is a good way to display your brand image and develop trust in your audience.

    Customers need a guarantee, which can be done by working with a content optimization strategy by inviting guest posts or contributors, creating authentic content, posting relevant content of your own from a blog or website and requesting customers to leave reviews on your website.

  • Promotes your work on social media

    Content optimization for social media handles involves the use of bright and attractive images, short but unique posts, individuality and development of a close relationship with your audience.

    Email content optimization involves using bigger font sizes, eye-catching and usable call-to-action links, left aligned content, a single-column responsive layout, pre-headers and concise content. For more on how to create a great email marketing strategy, check out this piece.

    Mobile content delivery optimization involves a high page speed, a simplified mobile-friendly website design, no advertisements or pop-ups, CCS-JavaScript-image support, mobile site configuration and concise content. Depending on your resources, you may need a digital marketing service for this aspect.

    E-commerce content optimization involves unique content, transparent URLs, visual searching and a level of confidence in your e-commerce website.


If done the right way, content optimization can pave your path to success.

Content optimization is common knowledge as a theory, but you have to add your own unique touch to create an effect.

BluEnt is a content marketing agency experienced in guiding aspiring website developers to gaining traffic by using website optimization, local search optimization, AdWords, content marketing, digital marketing and social media marketing.

It has expertise in content optimization with the subfields search engine submission, articles submission, blog promotion and media sharing, along with many others to transform regular visitors to your loyal clients.

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