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Joomla Services

We craft impeccable websites, applications, and a lot more based on Joomla! 

Joomla has an edge over other content management systems (CMS) since it supports a high degree of customization by using a big library of free extensions and templates. It gives you several in-built features that create SEO friendly URLs.

There is a powerful global community of volunteers and developers who are constantly making this platform more extendable, multilinguistic, search engine optimized (SEO), and convenient to their users.

To attract potential customers to your website, Joomla website design proposes an artistic balance of content and graphical user interface.

 It is a great medium for advertising your business online as it doesn’t just let you craft a beautiful website – it also creates a machine that assembles simple routing in an intuitive way.

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Joomla is becoming more dependable with every update. It is commonly used by educational institutes, media houses, technology-based companies, political groups, and more.

We are committed to making open source the key to profits and productivity in global business.

Unlimited Web Page Development

  • Build unlimited web pages

  • Add/edit/delete content of existing pages

  • Create unlimited menu independent pages to be accessible through hyperlinks from within any page

  • Drag, drop and reorder of the page menu

  • Content formatting, alignment, spell check, tables, styles and colors

  • Support for importing content directly from the word (with or without formatting)

  • Supports importing of images, PDF, external flash, YouTube video and various document formats

Secured and Roles-Based Users Administration

  • User authentication

  • Secure login by email and password

  • User permissions (can also be limited by site administrators)

  • Roles-based user administration

Easy Management of Newsletter Campaign, Events and Programs

  • Create campaigns based on topics such as newsletters, upcoming events, meetings, programs, and member emails and

  • Manage campaign frequency

Can Upload the Following

  • MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF and many other file formats

  • Images such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP

  • Media files such as AVI, Quicktime, MPEG

Multi-Media Capabilities

  • YouTube video, flash file, and image embedding

  • Automatic resizing of images to Thumbnail, Medium, Large, X-Large

  • Link images to URL

Robust and Secure Pages/Password Protection

  • Add secure pages with username/password protection

  • Create user groups

  • Assign users to groups

  • Limit access of pages to groups or individuals

To understand how Joomla CMS fits in your organization or to fix an existing platform,

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Fun Facts

  • The word ‘Jumla’ is Swahili, and means ‘as a whole’ or ‘all together’. Jumla was anglicized into ‘Joomla’.

  • exceeds massive traffic of 2 TB each month.

  • Joomla “speaks” more languages than any other CMS. It has a pack of 64 languages around the world.

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