13 Nov 2020

Important Benefits Of Web-Based Apps On Multiple Platforms

Whether you're a startup or a big business, a web app is a crucial method for promoting your brand. An online presence coupled with convenience for customers makes for a powerful tool.

Web apps can be used on multiple platforms, which gives you a considerable advantage. Here's how.

Web apps are easy to maintain, update themselves, do not need to be downloaded, and do not require app store approval. Examples of excellent web apps include Gmail, Google Docs and Evernote.

A web-based app is expected to perform as seamlessly on an Apple device as on a Chromebook. We no longer live with a separate set of programs for each platform.

When developing a web-based app, you have to give as much importance to the platform as you do to the features.

In a digital world that has diversified into so many sectors, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach a target audience. One must consider questions such as 'What are the platforms that my customers use?' and 'Are they able to access my app easily?'

The platform compatibility of your web-based app has a direct impact on your customer base. Fortunately, we are able to deal with this issue. Web-based apps can be used on multiple platforms.

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What are web-based apps and how do they work?

Web-based apps are software programs that are designed to work over the internet. They can be used for internal business purposes as well as for interaction with customers.

On websites, they offer interactive webpages and query forms, among other things. They give you the opportunity to incorporate interesting features into your website and increase the engagement level. They also help you to keep track of online activity on your website and gather relevant information about your visitors.

Web apps can also be used by businesses to carry out numerous functions, such as keeping track of employee performance, projects, and business workflow. They also offer a common working environment devoid of demographic limitations.

How does the platform affect the web-based app?

Most web-based apps work independently and are not affected by the platform. These can be called platform-independent web-based apps. They give the user the choice to access the program from any device without having to worry about platform compatibility.

The benefits of using web-based apps on multiple platforms

Wider reach: A platform can impose a restriction on your customer base. Developing a web-based app that can work on multiple platforms hence enables you to widen your business reach.

The customers' platform should not act as a hindrance when it comes to accessing your web-based app. They should be able to interact with you seamlessly.

No mandate for device: Customers and employees do not have to get a device that is compatible with it. They can use the web-based app from their existing device. You have the assurance that your web-based app will do the job it has been designed for.

No need for installation: Most web-based apps do not require any installation and run within your browser. In general, you just use the program online. Occasionally a business app may require limited installation for advanced usage.

Larger number of users: When your web app can work on any device, you can expect to have more users. This is especially beneficial for online shopping and services.

Easier implementation: Your users or customers do not have to make any changes to their computer system to use your web-based app. It will work on their existing platform. A web-based app that works on multiple platforms has a greater acceptance by users.

Uniformity: Whether a user is accessing your web app from an Android device or an Apple device, the program will appear the same.

Most web-based apps that are designed to work on multiple platforms present a similar user interface irrespective of the browser or the platform.

Cloud hosting: Web-based apps can take advantage of cloud hosting services. One of the greatest benefits of cloud hosting is quicker deployment.

Economical: Developing a multiple-platform web app is much cheaper than developing individual apps for each platform. Cloud hosting also contributes to reducing costs.

Business benefits: A business using web-based apps can expect quicker turnaround. There is also the benefit of faster ROI with a higher number of users. Native apps have taken a backseat while cross-platform aps have taken the lead.

Web-based apps take advantage of cloud space and are not limited by the storage space on your server. Additionally, they have just one set of code.

Choosing the right web-based app for you

Sometimes we hear of web-based apps that work better on iOS or better on Android. What is the cause of this discrepancy?

The technical expertise and experience of your web app developer affects the app performance level. You need someone who knows how to do the best job for your business.


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