21 Oct 2021

Best Mobile App Ideas for Your Business

In 2021, the number of global smartphone users reached over 4.8 billion. If you're thinking about investing in mobile app ideas, now is the right time.

However, you can't just take any idea and roll with it. You need to make sure your app is useful, accessible and user-friendly.

In this article, we'll give you the best mobile ideas you can explore.


Before you can start mobile app development, you'll need a thorough map of what you want your app to look like. It is a process that will inevitably involve arduous market research, but the benefits will far outweigh the costs.

The mobile app ideas we will cover in this article will give you a strong starting point.

How Do You Conduct Research For Mobile App Ideas?

1. Go through apps on Apple's App Store and Google Play:

Scan the various categories, especially the ones you are considering for your app idea. You will get a picture of what's already been done and what you can do better. It's also a good idea to consider the UX/UI of the apps so you can build on that.

2. Identify real-world problems and solve them through your app:

Audio video apps that help teammates communicate and voice-assistant apps for elderly people who feel lonely are examples of apps that solve real-world problems.

3. Attend seminars, meet-ups, conferences and lectures in the mobile app development industry:

This will help you connect with people and get a feel of trending app ideas. Ultimately, this will lead to a better app.

4. Keep up with industry trends through reliable sources such as Forbes and TechCrunch:

The app development industry is growing at a rapid pace and its trends are constantly changing. You need to keep up with them so you can form a well-planned strategy.

The Internet is a vast place to look for such trends, but you can find more reliable information from top sites such as Forbes and Statista.

Top 9 Mobile App Ideas

1. Healthcare App With AR/VR

A healthcare app with VR tech can help patients with cancer, depression, visual impairments, and more. It also serves as a study aid for medical students.

2. Puzzle Game App

About 25% of iOS apps and 21% of Android apps that are downloaded are games. 57.9% of the games played are puzzle games. Additionally, over half of internet users between the ages of 45 and 54 play mobile games, so their popularity is not restricted to a younger demographic.

Examples of popular puzzle games include Candy Crush, Homescapes, and Project Makeover. Analyze the most popular puzzle apps worldwide to get an idea for your own app!

3. Fitness App

During the pandemic, use of fitness apps shot up steeply. By 2022, it is expected that there will be 86.3 million users of fitness or health apps in the US alone.

Fitness apps help people to lower risk of certain health issues. Your app should be equipped with various charts to make this happen, including heart rate, blood pressure, sugar, weight and so on. It can also include meal charts, nutrition plans, and lifestyle plans.

Ideally, it will include a chat facility that will allow users to talk with others in the community, if not also with health professionals.

4. Delivery Service App

One of the best mobile app ideas is an on-demand delivery service app. Such an app would help customers to send packages by listing the top delivery companies based on location.

5. Cooking App

Another one of the trending app ideas is cooking apps. A cooking app would, for example, suggest recipes based on the ingredients that the user has in the fridge or pantry. It would make deciding what to make for dinner after a hard day's work a lot easier.

6. Investment or Money Management App

Investing requires specific knowledge and a keen understanding of how the market works. Many investment firms have already given their customers apps to help keep track of their investments.

An artificial intelligence based investment app will give users research-based predictions for an area or organization.

7. Productivity App

Everyone wants to complete their tasks within schedule. A productivity app will help users easily keep track of meetings, appointments, travel tickets, and documents. It should also permit video conversations, transfer of documents, and note taking.

Ideally, this app will organize the user's data and allow it to be accessed and used seamlessly.

Examples of productivity apps include Evernote, DropBox, and Lastpass.

8. Community App

Community apps are developed to cater to the needs and wants of a niche community or group. These can include professionals, enthusiasts, students or casual hobbyists.

A community app offers quick and easy access of content, which is typically curated by contributors. Individuals can also upload their details onto the app for others to peruse for hiring, events, and so on. Such apps can also give notifications whenever relevant events are planned.

9. Artificial Intelligence Face Animator App

With an AI face animator, users can make an avatar of anyone they want, such as their friends, family members, or a celebrity.


We hope this article has given you inspiration for a starting point with your next mobile app. However, it is important to remember that good app ideas are, unfortunately, a dime a dozen. What's crucial is the execution and how you follow through.

Once you've got your idea down, you will require custom mobile app development to make it a reality.

BluEnt is a mobile app development company that serves Fortune companies, SMEs and funded startups for large to medium-sized projects. You can check out how we've helped business like yours here.

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