12 Dec 2017

5 Important Features That A Fitness App Should Not Overlook

Running low on stamina? Working hard has become a challenge? Here we are providing you with some quick tips on selecting a fitness trainer app.

It is almost everyone's desire to have a body more fit than they have a few years back. As human life goes on, people are too busy with their work and hectic schedule that they often tend to neglect their body. Although they wish to have a fit body with better stamina level but are unable to invest their precious time to consult a trainer or join a gym.

To serve the needy, fitness apps plays a great role in the present time. It provides people with the knowledge to choose best workout apps among many available in the market. Talking about platforms, best fitness apps for iPhone are also available. According to research and present reports, it is being assumed that by the year 2020, the health apps market will experience a growth by 15%.

Why fitness trainer app?

If you are a busy man or do not really want to spend some serious cash to a gym personal but anyhow want to shed some real weight, give one of the fitness trainer apps, ago. These offer you fitness independent of your body type or working status.

One may be a street hustler or preparing for a marathon, one who lacks stamina or want to get rid of his/her unnecessary mass. Download one of the fitness apps and do not forget to check out for the features that we are going to talk about in the following article.

Key features to choose a fitness app

  • Fitness tracker and activity log: When choosing a fitness tracker app android, it is one of the key features that one should look for. While an app having this feature, users' are not required to connect their Smartphone sensors to the app to obtain their health records. This feature is used to keep the database updated with the users' record.

  • Functions related to user's Geo-location: This feature notifies the user about sports event like a marathon, which may take place close to the user's Geo-location. Application development which comprises Geo-location functionality provide their user with the well-known path where one may find a companion who's been going through the same regime. It also suggests nearby healthy spots to eat as per recommendation from the community.

  • Animated Trainer as a Guide: This feature helps the users to go through every exercise step-by-step. Who needs a fitness trainer for real, when you can get a virtual one. It is found that the user benefits a lot while going through the exercises and expecting an error is a minimum. While we are talking about key features, the animated trainer is considered as the best one available and is a must while you are choosing a fitness app.

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  • Push notification alerts: These are notifications about an upcoming event or reminders that a user is suggested to go through. This feature notifies the user of the social requests or simply bits of advice to keep their body hydrated throughout the day. It keeps on offering the user with healthy tips and one need not to open the application and can be checked anywhere at any time.

  • Altimeter: This feature allows the app to measure the altitude gained by the user when he/she climbs upstairs. Altimeter has a huge impact on the application and the user may get help while jogging or running because it keeps a track and evaluates the result of the efforts made.

In this huge market of mobile applications development, it is difficult to find a unique application with all features in it. But, a user can obviously contact to health and fitness app developers and provide them with the list of features.

Talking about mobile app development companies, BluEnt is one of the well-known companies in Middle-east for mobile app development. We promise to serve our customers as per their requirements and are not limited to only fitness apps. Multiple years of experience is what makes our professionals so trustworthy and we can deal with simple as well as complex projects most efficiently.

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