17 Sep 2018

The Most Effective Productivity Apps for Entrepreneurs

In this app dependent world productivity apps for entrepreneurs are becoming a necessity. What are the most popular mobile apps for small business owners?

It is hardly possible to go though one day without using a mobile app. You may wonder how a business owner can benefit from using an app. There are numerous apps which have been designed to increase your productivity levels. We are always trying to get as much done through the course of a particular day. Mobile productivity apps act as support mechanisms. An app can be used to do the non-productive and mundane tasks.

Mobile apps for small business owners keeps track of your meetings, gives you reminders for appointments, stores your travel tickets, allows you to make notes, have video conversations, transfer documents etc. with utmost ease. It organizes your data and allows you to access it effortlessly. It enables you to focus on your business and complete tasks within schedule.

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Best Productivity Apps

So, which apps are useful for entrepreneurs? We might even question how an app can make a difference to productivity levels. Let us take a look at some of the most popular productivity apps for entrepreneurs. 

How can these apps make a difference to life as we know it?

  • Evernote : This app acts as an easily accessible notepad and can be used to record any type of information. The highlight of Evernote is that is allows the user to organize information and easily retrieve it.

  • Drop Box : Though Drop Box has been around for a while it is still among the most popular for sharing large files. The Dropbox app allows you to share files using your phone.

  • Any.Do : Irrespective of how important you are, everyone has a to-do list. Any.Do is one of the most useful business productivity apps. It keeps track of your list of tasks for the day and ensures you do as much as possible.

  • Informant5 : A calendar app which also keeps track of your activities and can take notes.

  • Flyp : Why do business owners love this app? Flyp does just one simple job. It keeps the business contacts and personal contacts on your phone separate.

  • Zirtual : A personal assistant app. Every small business owner can do with an assistant which takes care of non-productive tasks.

  • TripIt : This is an incredibly useful app for entrepreneurs who travel much. The app keeps tracks of your travel schedules and your ticket bookings.

  • Lastpass : It is not unusual for people to forget their passwords. Lastpass has been designed to keep a confidential record of the latest passwords you use for programs on your mobile phone.

  • CamCard : A business card organizer on your phone. An entrepreneur may receive several business cards in a day. Some are very important. The CamCard is among the most useful mobile apps for small business owners.

  • Humin : Networking and meeting people is an integral part of business. This app keeps a record of those you meet and where you met them. This seemingly insignificant information can prove to be very useful at times.

This list just about skims the surface of the huge number of productivity apps for entrepreneurs.

You don't have to worry about the mobile app platforms. The productivity apps for android may vary slightly from the productivity apps for iOS. However, the most popular apps are designed to work on hybrid mobile platforms. So you don't need to invest in a particular type of mobile phone to derive maximum value from your business apps.

What Defines The Productivity Of The App?

An app which saves you time and effort is what we can aptly classify as productive. Not every productivity app is helpful. While a particular app may serve to be very useful for one entrepreneur, it may not be as useful for you. Judging an app based on its features or level of usefulness to another person is not a suitable scale of measure.

How to select the best productivity app? Analyzing the features and how they fit into your work schedule is essential. Some apps can end up being time wasters instead of saving your time. There are a variety of business productivity apps and if one app doesn't serve your purpose, you should try another app which provides similar services.

Essential Elements For Productivity Apps For Entrepreneurs

Time is one of the most valuable assets for an entrepreneur. Productivity relies on being able to achieve the maximum in the given time. Some of the essential features of productivity apps for entrepreneurs are:

  • Quick access to important information

  • Records information on the go

  • Spews out information when required

  • Organizes your day

  • Reminders regarding important events

  • Facilitates with laborious and labor intensive tasks

Mobile productivity apps are designed to assist you with your work schedule and help you save time.

Custom Designed Productivity Apps

The 'one size fits all' rule doesn't work all the time when it comes to mobile apps for small business owners.

If you have an idea for a productivity app which could serve to be useful for business people, get in touch with us. It is worth having the app developed. Your idea just might be the new business app that people need.

You could pick up the best features from various apps and combine them to make a customized app. BluEnt is an app development company with a creative team of mobile app developers just waiting to be a part of something revolutionary.

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