16 Aug 2016

Mobile App Marketing: 25 Ways To Promote Your App

2016 is a full-fledged 'mobile' year. According to Forrester report 50% of consumers are consuming content bytes on mobile web. This requires app marketers to provide an optimum mobile experience for its users.

With every passing year, we have increased number of multi-platform digital audiences on mobile 'digital' platform.

ComScore's 2015 US Mobile App Report posits that apps alone constitute 54% of digital media time spent by consumers.

So here are a few ways in which you can promote your mobile app more aggressively this year, keeping the latest trends in mobile digital media in mind.

  • Make your mobile website for your mobile app.

  • Write a killer blog posts on the efficacy and differentiators of your app.

  • Solve a problem or help your consumers via your app (remember: Jay Baer's book on Youtility?)

  • Develop a video showcasing your app's usefulness, stellar user experience, and personalization for your users.

  • Plug in a link to your mobile app in your social media profiles – ensuring you reach a vaster digital audience with your mobile app link.

  • Use digital advertising to your rescue to promote your app via targeted ads.

  • Take a plunge into some leading apps like Uber, Tinder, Timehop and Fitbit and get some marketing scoop of how they are promoting their apps differently than others.

  • Since the app usage time is largely spent by millennials, while older segments still gorge on tablet apps, you need to keep in mind the short attention span of your consumers. Keep the app's design responsive and catchy to instantly pique your consumer's interest to use it forward. Otherwise, they might lose interest in your app, faster than you think.

  • Leverage mobile advertising via mobile apps, as they are stickier. As per e-marketer, mobile ad spending will rise to 65.87 billion dollars - serving a as great medium to promote via in-app inventory, as app spending will outpace mobile Web spending by 3-to-1 (according to e-marketer).

  • Include a special offer on your app in all your marketing touch points – especially presentations, signage, e-brochure, blogs, newsletters, e-mails, etc.

  • Use other online media platforms like online PR to promote your app via articles, press releases, and guest blogging on other media platforms.

  • Leverage blogger outreach and influencer marketing to amp up your owned and earned media activities.

  • Share content on 'apps' on Twitter. The best part? Twitter is a great form of customer support; incase your customers have any questions, you can instantly mention them and answer their queries.

  • Use Instagram to illustrate the details of the app and the people behind developing the app.

  • Facebook is another great site to promote your app, organically and via paid ads – which will help you reach out to your target customers who are interested in purchasing your app.

  • Promote your app and app related content on Google Plus via joining communities: your search rankings will improve faster.

  • Reward users when they purchase your app via social media: that way you will generate more traffic to your apps.

  • Participate in app awards to showcase your app's USP. Some of them are:

    • Best App Ever Awards

    • Apple Design Awards

    • The Global Mobile Awards

    • Appsters Awards

    • Global mobile awards

    • Ericsson Application Awards

    • The Webby Awards

    • OZApp

    • Appy Awards

  • Reach out to product reviewers – they could be tech bloggers, app reviewers, media houses – as reviews and testimonials give instant visibility to your app in front of your customers and prospects.

  • Ensure a smoother user experience via shooting a demo video – this will showcase your app's features, functionalities and user interface.

  • Have a landing page of your app for people to experience the newness of your app and its features.

  • Drive your app's results on Google by using the right keywords for your app – SEO rules!

  • Feature your app not just in the app stores but also in your industry's top blogs that crawl up on Google as the best results.

  • Join and participate in ápp and tech discussions' - especially on LinkedIn and Quora. Answer all the questions on your industry to promote your app via building some thought leadership.

  • Design your marketing collateral with the latest app design theme, app's screenshots and smashing how-to content.

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