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The app store on mobiles is a crowded place. Users need to go through the trouble of finding, downloading and installing your app.

You can get them to skip these steps by creating a mobile-friendly website that can give them the same experience by going to your usual website on the phone's browser.

BluEnt recommends the following solutions:

Get a responsive layout that works on desktops, tabs, and mobile

Your website content will appear the same on a variety of devices, platforms, and screen sizes without using advanced features. Our UX/UI team designs the best browsing experiences for blogs and content websites. The website shrinks, expands and adjusts as you rotate or adjust the window size of the PC, tab or mobile device.

Get a dedicated mobile website

For extra user interaction and custom mobile functionality such as buying products, filling in detailed forms etc., get a dedicated mobile website for your product or brand.

We will build a seamless experience that will make your mobile users forget the frustrations of navigation, visibility, and loading time. If a user visits your website from a mobile device, he or she is automatically taken to the mobile version ( of your website.

Mobile Website vs Mobile App:

Then, why do people develop mobile apps for app stores?

Building a native app will get you advanced features such as offline mode, device hardware features (camera, GPS, accelerometer, etc.), advanced security, data synchronization, and more. If your app idea requires one or more of these features, then you should develop a mobile application. Our team of mobile app developers are skilled in major platforms including native iOS, Android, and Windows.

Whether you require a mobile website or mobile app, our developers are happy to assist you! Contact us today to get started. Email Us Know more about BluEnt's Mobile Websites Services
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