09 May 2022

What is Lean Software Development and How Will It Benefit You?

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We have witnessed many evolutions, modifications, and breakthroughs in the software industry in the last 20 years. One of the most significant innovations has been lean software development.

This lean approach comes with multiple benefits, including the minimization of inadequacies, lower costs, and better outcomes. Let's explore how implementing lean software development can benefit your business.

What is Lean Software Development?

Lean software is used as a management framework, helping companies around the globe to optimize time and resources.

The lean approach was introduced by Toyota to eliminate waste in manufacturing and soon was adopted by other domains.

Lean Software is now perceived to be a part of Agile methodology. Agile has gained immense importance over the years. It has been attested by at least 68% of companies as an efficient and resourceful tool.

The philosophy that lean software development principles rely on is the iterative aspect of trial and error. Fiascos during the software development process are seen as a healthy component.

In this blog, we will explore the advantages of lean software development and how lean developers can help in delivering successful projects.

What are the Advantages of Lean Software Development?

There are countless ways in which the lean approach has aided the software development industry since its incorporation in 2003. Let's look at how it will benefit your company and employees.

Eradication of wasteful losses

Implementing lean software development allows the elimination of everything unnecessary. Its focus is to first identify and then eradicate the different types of waste that facilitate improvements to the code at every step.

Waste is defined as any element that isn't adding value to the product or isn't being used by the consumers. A few of these can include

  • Features and codes no longer required

  • Processes deemed to be bureaucratic and redundant

  • Any kind of quality issues

  • Tasks that can be finished using the task log

  • Data that is duplicated

  • Requirements that are not precise

  • Unproductive communication

Shelving irreversible decisions

The lean philosophy aims at learning through experimentations before the team commits to decisions that cannot be reversed.

  • Making decisions with ambiguity can be quite a risky affair. Through the lean software development, the decisions made are more sure shot.

  • The teams using the lean approach acquire the outcome of the beta testing of MVP and then after gaining enough information, make the right decision.

Shelving irreversible decisionsData codes through eyeglasses by Kevin Ku

Enhancing and maintaining quality all along

It's one of the biggest benefits of lean development methodology. This approach involves immediate assessment at every step of the coding process.

  • Even when a small iteration is made, the evaluations help in saving the cost of development by curbing resolution time and repetitive testing.

  • The time frame between each of the development stages is reduced and the trade-offs inclusive of cost, time, and scope is discussed regularly by project managers.

  • Companies using lean software development depend on two programs, pair programming and test-driven programming for fixing bugs.

    • Pair programming requires two lean developers to complete the task. It's the different experiences shared by the two that help in securing the most effective solutions, delivering a higher quality product, and identifying potential or foreseeable issues.

    • Test-driven programming is where the tests are created before the code. This enables the engineer to figure out all the probable consequences and scenarios during the development process.

Exceptionally fast delivery

There was a time when software developers would be the promoters of long-term and extremely organized planning. This would mean that each step and strategy was defined clearly before they even considered entering the market.

However, this has changed drastically with lean software development. The only strategy that this approach signifies is to build swiftly with a few functionalities, launch it right after and study the consumer reaction to the software product.

This methodology enriches the software gradationally after receiving valuable feedback from the consumers using the product and reduces waste that is of zero value. It also reduces the chances of the redevelopment of the product.

Expanding knowledge and emboldening the team

Learning through this development process is a huge asset. Every time the developers write the code, they spend time reflecting on it and applying the modifications in the next iteration steps.

  • This amplification of knowledge empowers all the developers, engineers, and other team members to use their judgment.

  • It offers them enough freedom to make significant development decisions based on their learnings.

  • Lean software development aids in building a collaborative environment, keeping the members motivated, and eliminating micromanagement.

Remember, working with lean developers that have decision-making powers facilitates superior quality end products.

Expanding knowledgeWomen using a laptop and working together by Christina Morillo

Challenges Of Lean Development Methodology

  • Lean software makes the development process a smooth one however it does require the team to do enough research post-launch.

    • This includes defining and understanding the competitors, analyzing the market, etc. that needs to be conveyed to the developers for further fabrication.

  • While Lean software development has several advantages, it is not flawless. There are minor challenges that you should be aware of before adopting this approach and process.

    • At times acquiring the needed cohesiveness between team members can take a lot of effort. Finding lean developers with a different set of experiences and skills isn't easy.

    • As we know, pair programming requires two developers. With other team members involved, preventing conflicts, finding compromises, or reaching a mutual agreement can be quite a task for the project managers.

Irrespective of these challenges, lean software development drives productivity and quick product delivery, and knowledge-sharing experience. Lean agile development offers a flexible structure with a customer-oriented approach that can help in delivering a valuable product to your customers.


If you are looking for a software development process that incorporates smart costs, continuous improvements, and enriching enhancements in a short amount of time but most efficiently, then lean development methodology is for you.

Lean software can help you streamline processes and discard anything and everything that doesn't contribute to the value of the result. It's the developers that are at the core of the development process so hiring the leading lean software development company that delivers quality products is significant.

If you want to know more before you choose a software developer or about our lean software development services connect with our team to learn more about how efficiently can our lean developers meet your unique project requirements.

You can even browse through our portfolio to know more about our software development services and data insights solutions.

Can't wait to adopt this beneficial lean approach? Contact us now!

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