07 Oct 2021

How to Choose Your Software Partner

Guide to software development

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people do business and run companies. Digital transformation has been massive in 2020 & 2021. Remote working has been integrated with day-to-day processes and productivity mapping has been redefined.

Changing business models have created a demand for customized software tools and upgraded technological infrastructure. Even before the pandemic hit, data analytics & automation had been gaining momentum in business intelligence. Informed and data-driven decision making, with the use of software tools, reduces business risks and helps identify opportunities. Overall, the trend reflects that digitally driven business models are here to stay.


For businesses, the decision to upgrade is critical, but it is equally important to find the right partners to do so. Mostly, software tools are required to enable the most essential business functions: those that determine the success and failure of the organization. The right software seamlessly strengthens a business; however, the wrong one can sink it.

Next comes the decision, whether to outsource software development. If you want to focus on the core of your business, it is better to leave the software development to a professional company.

On average, a software is developed in eight to ten months. This is a long time for working closely with a software development partner. Hence, choosing the right one with due diligence is of utmost importance.

Guidelines for selecting the right software development company:

Here we bring you some vital things to consider while shortlisting an outsourcing partner for software development.

Technological Compatibility with the Company

Once you have identified your project requirements on the technical front, you need to match them with the expertise offered by your shortlisted companies. These technical skills can be anything. For example, a specific programming language, framework, or mobile app development capability.

It also can be domain-specific knowledge acquired by working on industry-specific projects. Technological proficiency with regard to your project requirements is something that should not be compromised while selecting a software developer.

Project Management Tools Used by the Company

Agile and scrum are widely used practices nowadays. Select a company with these advantages. They provide transparent project management with a swift workflow. Communication is also faster & easier with the use of project management tools like Jira and Trello.

Past Work of the Company

Dig into the past work done by the company. Go through the case studies, the clients' reviews, and other available feedback. If possible, ask the previous customers about their experience – most would not mind sharing it.

Analyze the portfolio of the company. Their experience, expertise, and consistency will all be displayed by understanding their past work. Also, repeat clients or multiple projects with the same client reflect client satisfaction.

Approach to the Project

The attitude of the vendor from the start reflects a lot about their value system.

The answers to a few questions can give clarity in this context:

  • How prompt have they been in coming up with ideas, proposals, and costings?

  • How much in-depth analysis have they done to understand your project requirements?

  • Have they tried to customize the product & pitch as per your needs?

These things indicate the work patterns they might follow in the future.


While the guidelines can be many, these are the major ones to consider. Furthermore, as a client, the outcomes & expectations need to be communicated clearly for good results. Continuous monitoring & review too is required for successful software development and its implementation.

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