30 Mar 2021

How to Choose the Right Software Development Framework

There are a lot of software development frameworks out there.

Software engineering has changed much in the last decade and will only keep evolving. It is driving innovation and improving standards of living.

Some quick facts to warm you up:


If you're planning to jump on the software product development train, you'll need the tools to pick the framework most suited for your project.

A software development framework is a platform for developing software applications. The framework is made up of one or multiple components, which typically include code libraries and programs.

It provides a base on which developers can create programs for specific platforms and is similar to an application programming interface (API). However, technically, frameworks include APIs.

There are many types of software frameworks. Some examples are Android Application Framework for Android, .NET for Windows development, and Cocoa Touch for iOS.

Advantages of frameworks:

  • Significantly reduces effort in creating software

  • New programming tools and design patterns are easy to introduce

  • Framework can be upgraded quickly and easily

Disadvantages of frameworks:

  • Can become obsolete due to development of additional features required by a fast-changing world

  • Framework's core behavior cannot be changed, so users must work within its limitations

Since there are so many frameworks you can choose from, it can seem overwhelming.

Here are the aspects that you must take into consideration to select the ideal framework for your software product.

Features of Software Development Frameworks

  • License

    Before you choose a software development framework and start developing with it, check what type of license the framework is distributed under.

    While most licenses are liberal and allow you to incorporate an array of features, some are not so generous.

    The last thing you would want is to create an entire application just to find out that it cannot be commercially distributed.

  • Overall Complexity

    A framework simplifies a lot of the development tasks, including back-end integration, incorporation of various features, etc.

    So, if the underlying technology used in the framework is highly complicated, troubleshooting diverse problems may become a challenge.

  • Ease of Installation

    For software product development, choose a framework that is easy to install and that allows your application/software to get up and running as quickly as possible.

  • Hosting Requisites

    Often, while planning an application, we are inclined to use advanced frameworks, but sometimes there can be some disadvantages of using these.

    Some frameworks work nicely with the shared hosting plans, while there are some that only need dedicated hosts.

    The frameworks that work fine with the shared hosting include most of the PHP frameworks, the Zend framework, CakePHP, CodeIgniter and Kohana.

    The frameworks that typically require unconventional setups are Ruby On Rails, Pylons, Django and most of the non-PHP frameworks.

  • Interoperability

    When choosing a software development framework, consider the overall software/application lifecycle management process.

    Ensure that the framework you choose exhibits interoperability with standard techniques and all the tools that you are planning to integrate with the software.


The growth opportunities for software development are many, including robotics, VR, AI, 3D printing, blockchain, machine learning, IOT, cybersecurity products, and more.

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