27 Mar 2018

Why Agile Methodology Is Perfect For the eCommerce Industry

Looking for something to boost your e-commerce website? Here's the Agile methodology for you.

We are surrounded by new technologies all around us, which in turn help us to develop even more modern technologies. The Agile methodology is one of such developments, which is specially created for eCommerce websites, apps and software.

It also works for individual and group interactions through various tools, software using relevant documentation, contract negotiation through customer collaboration and response.

Being a response to the ever-changing competition and customer trends using the latest technology, the Agile methodology works with a blend of business and technical SMEs in eCommerce to ensure a smooth and effective functionality and an overall great performance.

How does Agile work?

Agile is used for a variety of projects such as ERP implementations and operational systems but is the best option for eCommerce websites.

It works with an objective to promote automation and fast delivery, coordination between development and operations and improving product quality using quality control testing.

The methodology of an eCommerce project through Agile is concerned with the flow and performance of the entire eCommerce system by creating value streams within the business using development and operations.

The next step is to handle the feedback loop to increase product efficiency, and continue experimentation through testing.

Advantages of the Agile methodology

It has been widely said that Agile methodology for eCommerce is a perfect match, and there are many examples to prove that with the following benefits –

  • Higher speed

  • Observing market interest

  • Better product quality

  • Flexibility

  • Less risks

  • Regular and rigorous testing

  • Happier customers

Let us explain these advantages in a better way –

Higher Speed

Agile promises you a much higher speed than conventional web development programs, due to its well-planned streamlining production even at its initial stages.

However, there is no defined feature list until the completion of the project, and agencies are thus advised against giving out a fixed quote for certain deliverables. As a customer, you will certainly get your version of the digital product with core features quicker and more efficiently.

Observing market interest

Marketers can generate a lot of interest in their product by bringing out non-essential features and observing if there's a real demand behind it. A major Agile website development example includes Buffer, which had started out with nothing more than a landing page about their product.

Though the details of a paid pricing plan had been published, the developers hadn't yet built the actual product. The concept behind this seemingly weird technique was to see if the audience was actually interested in their product.

Better product quality

The product undergoes regular and rigorous quality checks during the development progress. The Agile methodology uses automated testing tools and conducts Sprint retrospectives to allow the team to improve product quality and to see that the software is properly developed.

The end product is developed, integrated, tested and worked upon for the best performance.


Contrary to the Waterfall methodology that is difficult to work within today's fast-on-the-move environment, Agile works for projects with ever-changing requirements and goals, and adapts to any environment.

Even after the product launch, marketers can continue to work with the product according to the user feedback collected. For example, the digital music website Spotify maintains its competitive streak with eCommerce big-shots such as Flipkart and Amazon, through the Agile methodology.

Less risks

The Agile methodology enables marketers to maintain transparency during development, and implementation of changes easily. Products are developed and integrated as soon as the initial design is successful by generating revenue through various self-funding projects and catering to the client's specifications.

Due to these measures followed, risks of failure are considerably reduced, product are released and delivered faster and customer reviews are quickly analyzed.

The secret behind reduced risks is to assign a separate task to each department to work on it autonomously. The different stages of developing a product are taken care of starting from its conception to development, deployment and the final analysis.

Regular and rigorous testing

Quality checkups are essential to any successful product launches. The product is tested from all angles as soon as it is developed, which allows the marketers to tackle bugs at the very initial stages.

It is delivered after testing and sprint, to look towards further improvement and development.

Happier customers

The key to a successful Agile eCommerce website development and a satisfied customer is a high-quality product, quick improvements, successful product demonstrations and faster delivery.

Creating and developing an eCommerce website can be challenging enough, so why not use the Agile methodology to make things easier and more profitable for you?

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