25 Feb 2021

5 Mobile Marketing Trends You Need To Pay Attention To

Mobile use has become an inherent part of our digital lifestyle – that is, your customers' digital lifestyle. If you want to retain old customers and gain new ones, following the top mobile marketing trends is a great start.

How fast is mobile use growing? To give you an idea, in the past year, the number of unique mobile users globally expanded by a jaw-dropping 93 million. And more people make purchases via mobile devices than desktop.

Marketers need to pay attention to consumer behavior and needs to ensure a highly personalized Internet delivery.

So, which ideas are you going to incorporate in your customer outreach campaigns?

Here are six mobile marketing trends that will help you boost your sales and retain customers.

Video Marketing

Video marketing, quite simply, uses videos to promote products and services. It adds a fun, entertaining twist to your digital marketing strategy.

The idea isn't new, but what's changed is how important it's become. It is now the preferred form of content that consumers want to see, with the potential to increase conversion rates by over 80%.

Luckily for you, video marketing is easier than ever. You can shoot a high-quality video in your backyard with your iPhone. (Or any smartphone, really – we don't want to start a battle of the mobile phones here.)

Take this one, for example:

The sooner you get your mobile marketing agency to jump onto this bandwagon, the better.


Should your business get a mobile app?

It depends on your business.

PwC found that many consumers prefer using mobile browsers over apps to engage with businesses.

However, apps are still a powerful tool for certain businesses. Fitness companies, fashion houses, and restaurants, for example, tend to benefit from apps.

A word: Apps that can only be used with an Internet connection are a big turn-off for some users. The usability of an app is low when it cannot function without Internet.

Make sure your mobile app developer takes this into account when creating your app.

(And while we're on the topics of apps, make sure you don't end up downloading a fake one or making your own app look shady.)

Location Built-In Marketing

Geo-targeting push marketing is one of the most productive mobile marketing trends. It is providing wonderful results for the mobile industry, driving revenue even for the small marketers.

Consumers traveling to new cities or neighborhoods can use this to locate even the smallest shops or restaurants that might otherwise go unnoticed.

If they turn on the push notifications, these details would pop up automatically.

This strategy has opened up big opportunities for smaller business.

It is also an avenue for apps to increase their revenue. Social media sites have been using the geo-tagging strategy and it's been able to create a more interactive experience for users.


Thanks to VR and AR, how organizations use gamification has transformed entirely.

And no, it's not just for younger generations, such as Millennials. Many people regardless of their age enjoy the competitions, puzzles, etc.

Examples of apps that have successfully used gamification include Duolingo, Khan Academy, and Fitbit.

Mobile marketing has never been so entertaining. If you're planning to hire digital marketing services, you should check if they also offer virtual reality and augmented reality.


The term "mobile commerce" was coined way back in 1997 by Kevin Duffey.

While M-commerce is not new (users have, obviously, been making purchases via their mobile devices for years), the scale of it is.

M-commerce is expected to account for over half of all e-commerce sales in 2021.

But beware the reasons for purchase cancellations: unavailable payment options, a non-user-friendly website, and difficulties during payment can all put a dent in your budget.


You can expect your mobile marketing strategy to change with smartphone tech and even unexpected factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

But one thing will remain the same: The focus on convenience for the users. Anything your customer finds irritating will lose you sales.

And it's possible that might one day include a mobile-first strategy. For that day, we must be ready. It's all about your customers.

But of course, you may not have the time or resources make your own mobile marketing plan. For that, you can take advantage of BluEnt's mobile marketing services.

You'll receive a mobile app promotion campaign via SEO, PPCs, social chatter, app reviews, forum discussions, and more.

And that's not all. We analyze your campaigns on a monthly basis to get insights based on your user responses. The analytics data will be all yours for access.

Ready to create an engaging mobile experience for your customers? Contact us now!

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