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Content Management System

These days, a Content Management System (CMS) is an essential part of every functional website. It saves you the trouble of calling your designer or developer again and again.

You can manage the content on your own and save money as well as time.

Large enterprises with multiple departments, each responsible for its own section of the website need a CMS to coordinate, edit and manage content within the broad parameters of the company.

Advantages of CMS

Centralized and sharable content

All content is organized in one place and can be shared amongst colleagues easily.

Updated content

Regular changes and updating is simple, makes your website look alive and active.

Accurate content

The CMS tracks every time the stored content is reused or changed and flags all instances of change.

Quick creation and editing

The content can be quickly searched and reused for new products. Time is saved as all content can be updated at once and daily editorial tasks can be automated.

Search engines friendly content

Quick changes and adjustments can be made to improve site rankings

Social media integration

Provides integration with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for relaying content to them or letting users comment

Well defined roles and steps for making the content live

The roles such as writer, editor/publisher, reader, administrator etc. for people working in a CMS are well defined

Our CMS Solutions

BluEnt is a leading Content Management Systems (CMS) company.

Our CMS development team is highly experienced with the most up-to-date open source content management systems like Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress and can provide you with highly customized dynamic CMS environments.

We are skilled in developing proprietary content management system as well as customize open source software.

Our CMS services include

  • Custom CMS Development and Implementation

  • Migrate Website from Static to CMS Platform

  • Migration from Proprietary CMS to Open Source

  • Joomla Content Management System

  • Drupal Content Management System

  • WordPress Content Management System

  • CMS Customization

  • CMS Upgrade and Maintenance

  • CMS Training and Consulting

With Our CMS Consulting, You Will Maximize Performance and Minimize Cost.

We recommend the ideal CMS for each project based on the client’s specific requirements.

We offer a robust and dynamic CMS that you have full control over.

We always recommend our clients to build their web-environment using open source CMS as the custom designed content management system typically costs more and locks the client in with the development firm which originally designed and developed the custom CMS.

CMS Design and Migration Support

Do you have a website already setup? Does the maintenance of the proprietary CMS cost you a lot?

Let the BluEnt’s CMS developers migrate your existing website into a new CMS platform.

We have CMS development packages that cover all your Joomla, Drupal and WordPress needs! 

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