30 Aug 2018

Why Your Business Needs an Enterprise Intranet to Keep Up Profits


Social media is influencing the people's mindset as individuals have the capability to share information, ideas, documents, etc. using social media tools. Now imagine your organization as a social workspace where your employees can share information or ideas and getting engaged with each other. This is what exactly an Enterprise Intranet does. It can also be identified as a social intranet platform of the organizations.

Nowadays, all organizations have their own Intranet, as it is proving to be the most effective solution for all their internal communications and other processes. However, intranet technology is not just beneficial for large organizations, even small-scale enterprises find it useful to implement it as they can carry out all their internal processes easily through it.

The main purpose of intranet is to enable employees' access of all the information and computing resources of the organization. It provides a vehicle for communication similar to the World Wide Web that is pertinent to the organization. In simpler terms, it is a technology or solution that allows companies to manage their data, resources and information in a simplified manner.

Benefits of having an Enterprise Intranet:

Intranet is a superior platform to carry out all the internal activities and processes. Below are the essential benefits of intranet that can streamline all the complicated processes precisely.

  • Driving Employee Engagement-

    Having an interactive Intranet enables employee engagement. It can serve the purpose of achieving certain goals for an organization. Here, employees can be motivated by appreciation or amendment for their efforts.

  • Boosting Productivity-

    Intranet definitely becomes a medium to boost the productivity of the organization. As if the internal processes are moving effectively, employees can be able to serve better to their customers without any confusion or miscommunication.

  • Facilitates Clear Communication-

    A communication is a vital tool of every organization, without which it becomes complicated to carry out processes. Thus, Intranet portal can facilitate clear communication. Companies can deliver any announcements, news, important information, or schedules, etc. effectively.

  • Tool for Training Modules-

    Training is one of the basic needs of every organization. If used effectively, intranet can also serve as a platform for organization's training needs. All the content of the training modules can be uploaded on intranet portals. Employees need to be just logging in to the portal, to have access on all the training modules.

  • Build Strong Relationships with Employees-

    As intranet enables employee engagement, it helps organizations to connect with their employees in a sophisticated manner and thus built a strong relationship with them. And this becomes win-win situation, as both employees as well as organization can be benefited.

  • Gather feedback-

    Sometimes, companies face difficulties in connecting with their employees, but through intranet, employees can also share their feedbacks or ideas on certain things. By doing so, it will become easy for organizations to coordinate the employees and appreciate them on their creative ideas. It also serves as a medium of motivating employees.

  • Making all the employees work towards the same goal-

    Through intranet, organizations can make its employee clear about the objectives and the goal of the company. And thus, all the employees will work towards the same goal and achieve them easily.

  • Advertise new Initiatives-

    If company wants to start any new initiatives or policies and advertise it to its employees, intranet technology can be the best platform to do so. Even, they can have response and feedbacks on particular schemes, initiatives or policies, whether they would work or not.

  • Access and Update all the documents and data-

    Employees can have access to all the documents and data of the organization through intranet platform. Not only this, even employees or organizations can update every data or document accordingly, which enables precise communication and keeps everyone updated.

  • Integrated automatic processes-

    Expense reporting, supply ordering and event/training sign-ups can be easily handled through employee intranet. All existing forms can be searchable and routed right on the intranet portal itself. Such projects make the portal project multi-dimensional and ensures rapid acceptance by the members of the staff. All the processes are been carried out automatically.


Developing an Intranet Technology in the organization is an effective medium of collaborating employees to achieve the goals of an organization. It is one of the superior enterprise business solutions implemented within organizations.

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