23 Aug 2017

Top 5 Hurdles Mobile App Developers Face

Earlier, we were living in the time of the paper maps, desktop games, and cameras

(where you can see the picture after a week's wait). Everything has changed so much in few decades.

Apps have brought the biggest revolution in our lifestyles. Earlier, Blackberry was the only revolutionary mobile development which quickly followed by Apple, Android and Windows Phone. The world has moved from 'feature' based phones to 'smart' phones. Now, we have a large industry who is manufacturing the handsets and tablets of all shapes, sizes, and brands. Smartphones brought the opportunity for the app world. We literally have an app for everything today, whether to find a musician or an instrument around your community in Community Musician or to find like-minded people of same interest in SameSwag. All over the globe, technology is influencing youngsters to come up with the innovative ideas and share it with the world through an app.

Mobile app users are increasing exponentially, almost every service or idea has a scope for an app today.

Developing an app is different ball game altogether. App developer goes through a roller-coaster ride during the process. Let's list down the five major hurdles any mobile application developer faces before or while making an app.

  1. Native Vs Hybrid Vs Cross-Platform

    Making a decision on the suitable development technology for the app could be a most important and challenging step for the mobile developer. This point somewhat decides the future performance of the application.An app tailored on the Native platform is coded for the specific device. User interface and user design are developed using native component instead of HTML component. This enhances the flow and the design of an app which leaves a happy end user. It lacks, when you want to create an app for the different operating system at the same time, you need to develop the app separately on independent platforms. This makes it lengthier to deliver a final product in the fixed timeline.

    Native Vs Hybrid Vs Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

    Cross-Platform based application is developed using HTML and CSS component. The advantage of this platform is that a mobile developer can create a code base once and can compile it later for the various operating systems as per need. This is a brilliant option for making a mobile app quicker and it can function on the various operating system in lesser time. But it lacks in the pure user interface in comparison to native apps, which leads to slower performance.Hybrid development platform is like the name suggests, it combines the best of both native and cross platforms. Hybrid apps use web technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript which makes them suitable for most of the devices available in the market. But when we talk about user design, the hybrid app lacks behind.A developer must understand the target audience, competitors, final timeline and business requirements before making this decision.

  2. Smart Marketing for Smart Phone Apps

    Marketing plays as a very important tool in making an app successful. App developers can successfully design and develop an app, but marketing becomes a challenge for them. They should be assisted by experienced geeks to cross this hurdle. Few questions an app developer faces during an app marketing:

    • How to top the app in the app store

    • How to decide the exact target audience

    • How to get the app installed

    • How to make an app interesting and engaging to the user

    Your app might have the best design, great UI, and functionalities, but if it does not sell to the right audience, you lose the game. There are a lot of creative agencies and outsourcing marketing companies which can help the mobile app developers to market their apps with in the budget.

  3. App for Multiple Devices

    App for Multiple Devices

    We live in an era where if you are a user, then you have thousands of options for mobile devices like apple, android, windows etc. and every brand has various screen sizes and resolutions.As a developer, it becomes an agony of choice among so many options. Developing an app for the selected devices by guessing the target audience can be a never-ending task for the app developer.The challenge is to develop an app which can smoothly run on a maximum number of devices with different sizes and resolutions.This can be solved by designing an app with the Responsive Design which makes an app flexible among various devices.

  4. Battery Efficient Apps

    Battery Efficient App

    An ideal app consumes less battery with smooth performance. So, here is another challenge for an app developer. Battery life and memory of the device are the prime points for any user to decide the positivity of an app. The app developer should develop an app which has many relevant features, great design, content space and high-quality visuals along with less battery usage.This can be solved by creating a beta version of an app and test it regularly to keep an eye on its battery consumption.

  5. App Developers are technical geeks after all

    App Developers are technical geeks

    Multitasking is mandatory in today's competition. But we should always remember that app developers learned to code in their engineering school. They aren't content writers, marketing geeks, influencers or creative designers. To bring a successful product, a consolidated support from each expertise is needed as it has a complete cycle of designing, developing, testing and selling an app.


Our team, at BluEnt, has helped us shortlisting the prime challenges as per industry environment. It's not all hurdles and challenges, there are many platforms and tools available to cater these issues and convert it into an ROI. BluEnt is a mobile app design Company which has a dedicated team of developers and designers with the experienced project managers to bring out the successful application for your brand. Get in touch today with our experts!

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