26 Dec 2017

Strategies to Ensure You Launch a Successful And Engaging Intranet

A few years ago, Intranet was a platform designed for employees that had only one core function – to share information. In short, it was a 'text-only' platform, which was indeed a very restricted form of communication. Employees would share relevant data and it was to be experienced by everyone in the organization. The concept of Intranet itself has undergone a dramatic change. There are now layers of functionality and it is not considered to be as boring and intimidating as before.

Today, Intranet is seen as a more useful and engaging platform focusing on all aspects of communication. It is a social foundation that enables employees from every department and branch to communicate effectively and build a better workplace. Collaboration with other employees in the organization has become key to carrying out and delivering successful projects. Hence, to create the right Intranet strategy, the organization needs to understand what kind of office culture they want to build.

BluEnt's Intranet Development expert team have analyzed and discussed 3 internal communications strategies that can help organizations design a successful business and company intranet.

Don't launch it empty

This is the basic 'significant' requirement whenever an organization is launching any kind of a digital program – from an app to an Intranet. Some kind of content is a must to get the conversation started. It is almost like a 'taster' session to understand the kind of content that is working and the ones that are not receiving the desired approval or attention. It also forms the initial 'talking point' to get the interaction/communication going. It gives the entire team a flavor of what the company intranet is all about and helps them to connect more easily with the 'newness' of this entire concept.

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Management should be a 'bigger' contributor

In the business world, there is a popular mantra – "The employees always follow the leader." This is where BluEnt's second strategy for a successful Intranet software launch takes the trophy. The management should play a bigger role post the launch and lead the activities on Intranet. They should contribute and initiate discussions, which will help employees in the company to embrace this platform faster. The managers and leaders taking time out to participate on Intranet will assure that rest of the team do their bit. It will help in getting the team across departments and branches to come together and collaborate effectively even on the social intranet platform. Incidentally, this will help in building and encourage teamwork and more active participation. This collaborative intranet management model can have a super positive effect on the business profit.

Optimize the Intranet portal for one and all

Again, seen as a very significant strategy for many digital programs and portals development, it is considered really important in the Intranet world for crucial reasons. In today's millennial circle, there is no guarantee that they will access Intranet only through their desktop. The work culture has undergone a huge change and people access all kinds of apps and programs on their phones, laptops, iPads etc. even during work hours. By using this strategy, an organization not only ensures that their employees have the option to access Intranet on their devices but they can use it even more often and collaborate more effectively. Through this strategy, the company can ensure all employees have equal opportunity to be a part of this great employee engagement tool.

As per BluEnt's expert team, launching a successful Intranet can really benefit in keeping the employees actively engaged and more productive. It can have a positive impact on teamwork and business profits. BluEnt's web developers have worked on building complex and successful Intranet design for both small and businesses. To know more about our services on the Intranet Model write to us.

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