05 Nov 2020

Top 6 Strategies for Growing Your App Business With Ads

Trying to grow your business without investing in advertising is like holding up a billboard in the dark: you won't catch anyone's attention.

Mobile applications have become an integral part of our daily lives. The number of people using them regularly (and frequently) is increasing by the day.

Businesses that actively promote their apps hence have immense potential for growth. Every business platform needs to consider their app revenue if they wish to increase their profit margins.

"Great," you say. "So I just make a poster and slap it on a lamppost, right?"

Uh, not exactly. You've got to keep strategies in mind.

And as far as strategies go, here are 6 of the best ones:

Find your audience

For mobile app developers, it is important to target a specific group of users or audience. Initially, you have to reach out to the people you find are highly engaged with your app. The extent of their engagement with your app will determine the amount of revenue.

Go for user-friendly ads

Always make sure that the advertisement that you have created is attractive and significant. For example, you can consider these types:

  • Rewarded ads: These are ads that users can voluntarily watch in exchange for in-app rewards, such as accessing Wi-Fi or getting an extra life in a video game. Such ads can keep users more engaged. It is a good option if you do not want your user to pay for rewards.

  • Interactive ads: Such ads invite users to interact with them in an entertaining way. Eventually, they will lead the user to complete a purchase. They can create lasting impressions and ehance personalization, and prevent you from seeming like you are selling something.

  • Native ads: These ads match the function, look and feel of a media format, so they reduce "ad fatigue". Examples would be content recommendations and in-feed ads. Mobile app development companies consider this one indispensable.

Consider paid ads

Google and Facebook are great choices for this. With paid ads for your mobile app, you can reach your target audience, obtain more leads, and increase brand awareness. Organic reach on social media platforms is down, so capitalize on this method as much as you reasonably can.

Conduct research about your audience

If you are keen to grow your business app with ads, it is important to define your targets. Your approach must not be for everyone.

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For instance, create a profile for a specific group of consumers and research their interests. You can also define the minute details of psychographics, lifestyle, demographics, etc. If your target is clear, you don't have to waste unnecessary time marketing to people who aren't going to buy your product.

Start blogging

If your emphasis is on promoting your app for business development, it's a good idea to let the audience know about your process. Through blogging, you will be able to develop interest among users and enhance your visibility. Be sure to collect all the keywords, create engaging content, and link them to trusted websites (not your competitors'!).

Monetize conveniently

To promote your app, it is essential to monetize the app. AdMob is a good choice for this. Investment in automotive solutions will enable you to earn revenue from your app and deliver better user experience.

There are other advantages of AdMob:

  • Image search: This helps to detect ads according to size, rotation, and campaign. In the context of this image search, it refers to the screenshot of the corresponding ad. Good or bad ads can be easily identified with it.

  • Maximum ad: With the help of content rating, irrelevant or inappropriate ads can be done away with on the display.

  • User metrics: This will give you access to powerful reports and new data. AdMob will start by reporting session duration, ad exposure per session, sessions per user, DAU and more. Eventually, as these metrics change, new reports and metrics will become available.

Final Thoughts

If increasing your revenue is on your agenda, it is essential to choose experienced strategists who will cater to your audience's requirements.

BluEnt is a renowned company with a list of successful apps in its portfolio. We pride ourselves on making our customers happy.

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