20 Jun 2024

Shopify Analytics: The Secret Sauce to Your Online Business

Running a Shopify store is not a cakewalk. Especially if you don't understand customer behavior, market trends, and website performance. It also comes with making innumerable decisions and the complexities of running an online shop. Add to it the cumbersome task of Shopify website development services. Shopify analytics enables you to track your customer behavior and store performance and track shoppers' journeys. With the right data, you can discover patterns that can help you improve conversion rates and boost sales instantly.

Let's discuss how Shopify analytics can save the day for online businesses and turn them into profitable machines.

Why Do Online Businesses Prefer Shopify Analytics?

Magento vs Shopify has been a matter of debate for long. However, for an online business to be successful, it should be in control of its data.

By control, we mean it should have a hands-on understanding of the customers it serves. What they prefer, which ones are visiting the site and which ones are expected to buy.

Since eCommerce analytics, like the one provided by Shopify, are adept at offering such insights, it is only natural that they become the first choice of businesses.

The Shopify analytics dashboard provides easy-to-read Shopify reports that allow you to track customers, assess product performance, and pick your most profitable trades.

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How to Use Shopify Analytics?

At the outset, Shopify eCommerce development solves a lot of challenges for online merchants.

The first and the foremost step in the process of using Shopify store analytics is logging into your Shopify account and clicking on "Analytics". This takes you to Shopify analytics- the central hub of all store insights.

The dashboard shows key performance indicators such as total sales, customer orders and customer lifetime value.

Google analytics Shopify debate is often a matter of discussion amongst online marketers. While Google analytics is a general-purpose platform suited for bigger websites, Shopify is more of retail-based analytics.

Shopify customer analytics also gives you an option to filter the data down and narrow it to the information you want to analyze. Without a doubt, eCommerce analytics is ideal for business success.

Top Shopify Analytics Tools

Sales data analytics helps to maximize enterprise profits. Similarly, Shopify sales analytics offers third-party Shopify analytics tools which, when combined with Shopify account provides in-depth insights into the business. Some of these tools are as follows:

Power BI

One of the tools that offers best analytics for Shopify is Power BI. A great analytics alternative, Power BI offers features such as integration with excel, creative visualizations and connectivity with up to 1000 data sources.


Offering clear and comprehensive insights into how your business is performing, Conversific lets you compare yourself with your competitors. Suitable for both small and mid-sized businesses, it offers plans that are both free and subscription based.


When it comes to customization, Grow is your go-to Shopify analytics tool. Apart from high levels of customization, it also offers detailed data visualizations.

How to Know Which Shopify Analytics Tool to Choose?

Getting the most out of a Shopify analytics tool depends on what you want to gain out of it. Is it the consumer data trends that you are looking for? Or the website visits and conversion rates that you are after?

Once you figure out the intent behind your search, you'll be able to put your hand on a tool that best suits those requirements.

The second criterion should be to know if the tool you are choosing is scalable or not. Let's say the business expands tomorrow. In that case, the tool should be able to handle the requirements of an expanding business. It should have an API that works with every kind of setup.


Shopify analytics has now become the go-to analytics for entrepreneurs and business owners. With great sales, web visit and customer data analytics, Shopify analytics dashboard has something for everyone. Big data analytics and insights give you a clear picture of what's happening on your online property.

BluEnt, with its diverse range of expertise offers both data analytics and Shopify web development services. With a clientele that includes the who's who of the tech world, we always steer clear of the goals that we set for ourselves.

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