09 Oct 2018

Lead Management With Custom CRM

Why do you need a custom CRM application for lead management? Cant a standard CRM application help with managing your business leads?

A CRM is a powerful lead management system. It is not just a new application that you buy to make your business look cool. Or even a tool to show that your business is technologically up to date. CRM lead management has the potential to grow your business to new heights.

CRM and lead management - why the difference? Isn't your CRM supposed to include a lead management framework? Doesn't the CRM automatically do all this stuff?

Every business wants to grow. How does the CRM help? There are endless opportunities available with a CRM application. Using a CRM system to its full potential for your business process requires the assistance of experts in the field.

Managing leads is an integral part of the CRM function. Ideally a standard CRM should manage your leads as a part of the business process. But if that were true, we would need a different CRM for each industry.

Let's look at it this way

Need for CRM customization: You own a restaurant. On the right side of your restaurant is a bank, on your left there is a furniture manufacturer, and across the road is a hospital. All four of you buy the same CRM system to serve your specific business needs. Which industry will the CRM serve best?

A bank has many customers and needs to maintain financial records of their customers. The hospital has patients and has to maintain medical records pertaining to each patient. The restaurant has to keep track of orders, supply inventory and customer billing. The furniture manufacturer keeps track of orers and delivery.

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Each business has different functions. So how will each of you use the same CRM for different business processes? The CRM has to be customized to suit the requirement of each business.

The role of leads: Leads prospective customers. Leads are generated by the marketing team. Leads are also gathered online, through CRM integration with your business website. Lead management is essential for every business. Lead management depends on the nature of the business.

What is Lead management system?

What is lead management? This is a topic that many businesses are already quite familiar with. Lead management helps a business to effectively convert a lead to a sale. Lead conversion is tricky. Lead management helps a business to understand a lead and decipher which function to assign.

Benefits of lead management: The benefits of lead management for business are numerous. By managing a lead correctly your business is able to get the advantage of a sale. Not all leads are potential customers. Knowing the difference is important. Wasting time and energy on pursuing a customer who is just curious about your product is futile.

The lead management system entails a number of processes. The leads are segregated based on their potential. This is known as lead scoring. Leads are given points if they fulfil various criteria. Leads with higher scores are very likely customers. Others may need nurturing, while yet others are dead leads and should be dropped. The CRM lead management framework enables a business to use its resources to derive maximum benefit.

Lead management in CRM

Which CRM has the best lead management capability? Managing your business leads does not depend on your CRM. It is defined by how you use the CRM to manage your leads. At the end of the day it is a custom CRM lead management system.

Lead management is not limited to a particular CRM. You can have SugarCRM lead management or Salesforce lead management system. Irrespective of your CRM system, whether it is Drupal or Joomla or MS Dynamics, the CRM lead management techniques work perfectly. At BluEnt we specialize in custom CRM lead management which extends over the barriers of individual CRM software. We deliver a common solution which works across various platforms. Let your business expand to new horizons above the limited framework.

How to go about CRM customization

We have seen that CRM and lead management go hand in hand. A CRM application is a very useful tool for a business. But to be able to really benefit from a CRM application, it needs customization.

Many businesses question the need for CRM customization. This is quite understandable. Why can't you just use the standards model for your business?

A custom CRM application is one which has been modified specifically to serve your business needs. A business needs to view the CRM customization from a different perspective. The CRM software and its customization is an investment. The rewards of this investment are extensive. CRM offers a huge return on investment. It streamlines your business processes, automates mundane tasks, increases productivity and enables effective use of business resources. But more importantly it increases your revenue generation by streamlining your lead management process.

Customizing your CRM application enables you to leverage the CRM system and use it to your business advantage. A custom CRM application brings useful processes to the foreground and pushes irrelevant ones to the background. Many businesses do not use a lot of the useful CRM features due to lack of know-how.


Getting a custom CRM application is the next step. Are you wondering where you can get this service? Look no further. BluEnt specializes in providing businesses with custom CRM application solutions.

We have a team of technical experts who assess and understand your business needs. We map your current data structures with the CRM data tables. This allows easy transition of your existing data into the CRM database.

BluEnt can also help your business by integrating your CRM with your website. This allows the CRM to automatically gather lead information. We also help you with lead management solutions and defining a lead scoring system.

Lead management is done best, with a custom CRM. Let us help you to grow your business by providing you with the required CRM services.

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